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kim d - February 14

everyones probably heard this question a million times, but now that im pregnant i cant remember the answers!!! so who tans and who doesnt? i called the tanning place to see what their thoughts on it were (they said yes, just get out if you get too hot) and i called the drs office, and the receptionist flat out said no. just wondering what all your thought on it were, thanks!!!


Tammy276 - February 14

No...I would go with what your doctor says, the tanning salon really wouldn't know. My doctor also said no to it.


KristinTone - February 14

My doc said don't do it because we really don't know what it could cause. I bought a package just before I found out too. I wish I could go I am so pale and my skin is all zitty tanning always makes me feel prettier.


suze42 - February 14

I would not do it. JMO. Its only for a few months. Go get pedicures instead! :)


Cad0587 - February 14

Yeah I would say no too. You should just use a self tanner until you're baby arrives, and sooner or later you won't even be able to fit in that tanning thingy! haha


mommybabyboy21 - February 14

no tanning incresses your cord body temputer...that is a big no.no I loved tanning too but now I used a brozner and it sucked so now I am just going pale until my lo is here.


Mae - February 14

Hi kim d - I am probably in the minority here, but I am 20 weeks and have been tanning...and will continue to do so until I have the baby. I will probably get bashed for saying this, but oh well....It;s my decision, and my midwife has no prob. with it as long as I stay hydrated and don't tan as long as I used to....I go twice a week for 15 min. sessions, and never get too hot...hope that helps-good luck


kim d - February 14

hi everyone, thanks for your input. cad0587 i lol'd at the thought of not being able to fit in the bed!!! too true. or definitely not being able to roll yourself out on your own!!! i would use the self tanners religiously if i wasnt allergic to any and all lotions and creams, a major bummer. i was reading up on it a bit more, "they" say its just like being out in the regular sun outdoors, so im kind of on the fence here. i never tan for more than 10 min at a time anyways- i just get way to bored and i was reading about staying hydrated like you said mae. hmmm... i'll have to think about it a bit more. thanks again ladies!!! kim.


Melissa32179 - February 15

I too wanted to tan because I feel pale, fat, and ugly..and I am only 16 weeks :( Anyway my doc said no, but she did say I can use the spray tanners that they have at the salons. So I tried it last weekend and I was very skeptical...thought I would turn orange, or have major missed spots. But it LOOKS WONDERFUL!!!!! I was very amazed. SO maybe try that first and go from there. It was called a Mystic Tan...most places have them. I do miss my 20 minute vactions to the tanning bed though!!!!!


pebblesnbambam - February 15

I really wanted to tan also.. helps you feel a bit better but there is soo much out there saying no.... so just going to err on the side of caution. I use the Jergens self tanner for sensitive skin... give me a little color.. but I am with you guys.. miss my trips to the "beach" for 20 minutes! Good luck to all of you!


jenshim - February 15

I went a few times in the first trimester but I feel too guilty so stopped. I have tanned for years and I have never been this pale!! I feel so white! I feel much more attractive and pretty and don't have to wear much makeup when I tan. But I stopped because of the guilt. The place I tan they let you suspend your account (I am a VIP member and pay a flat monthly fee no matter how many times I go). I have been told both no and yes by different people. I think the main concern is your temperature and that it's bad for your skin regardless of pregnancy. I would say if you want to keep doing it you should be fine. Just shorten your sessions a little bit. Good luck!


c_baer19 - February 15

Melissa, doesn't it wear off after just a few days to a week though? I was thinking about the spray tan, but figured it wasn't worth that much money when it just goes away anyway, plus I'm pretty sure they wash off in the shower, right? I wish I could go tanning, but I can't bring myself to go. I am SO PALE!


Melissa32179 - February 15

c_baer19: I have had mine now for 6 days and I still have color. There are certain "rule" that you can follow to make it last longer. 1). Shave before going 2). exfoliate very very good before going 3). do not put lotion on that day 4). After having it done use non-abrasive soaps. A good one is dove or caress..these will not take the tan off. 5) Pat dry with the towel or just put a rob on. There are others but that is the just of it. For your face you can use the tan lotion that such as jergens and it will make the tan on your face last longer (since there is already color there) I really like it and the lady at the place said that if I go again within a week, and then one more time after another week, then all I will have to go is twice a month to "maintain" it. Does that make sense??? Oh yeah...you need a note from your doctor for most places....or go in wearing a really big sweatshirt. Good luck!!!! HEHE I sound like I sell the stuff...LOL


Melissa32179 - February 15

oh the place I go to is Hollywood Tan..it is 2 times for 25 dollars...not much worse then tanning packages here in St. Louis.


mrs.vegas - February 15

well, i feel your pain ladies! i also love tanning, not only for the warmth, and the color, but it clears my face up better than any acne wash out there! but...i stopped tanning as soon as my husband and i started trying to get pregnant! i have heard horror stories about tanning while preganant, and i wouldn't do it! it is like being out in the natureal sun, but tanning is like being 2 inches away from the sun! i'm too paranoid to even take tylenol for a head ache, let along go tanning!!


momtbc - February 15

I tanned during my entire first pregnancy. I didn't during any of my others. I stopped tanning about 3 years ago though, any way. I have a family history of melanoma and have had some scares of my own, so I have given up on tanning beds. But, I would love to use self tanners. I use them when not pregnant but haven't heard whether or not you can use them during pregnancy. For those of you who do, did you consult your doctor before using them?


Allisonc79 - February 16

Just get some natural sun instead. A little vitiman D and a glow can't hurt, as long as your not out there everyday doing the marathon tanning.



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