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rebecca - May 31

i was told that it was ok to get a tattoo during pregnancy as long as everything is clean (needles being used) and take care of the tattoo after i get it and keep a close neye on it to make sure there is no infection. also some tattoo parlors will tattoo as long as they don't know i am pregnant. i want to get a tattoo and i am 5 months along


Lynn - May 31

No no no.. sometimes the ink can get into the bloodstream for a few days to weeks after getting a tattoo & that is NOT good for the baby. Trust me, I have 7 tattoos. Why would you want to hide the fact that you are pregnant just so you can get a tattoo? There are obviously reasons why tattoo parlors will not give you a tattoo if you are pregnant.


To Rebecca - May 31

as per Lynn - No, no. no. I have 4 tattoos and we all know that if you are pregnant a parlor will not do it. Wait until the baby is born and by then you may even reconsider the design you want due to the fact you will have a munchkin! I will get another tattoo after my babg is born, something to celebrate his birth!


lilmum - May 31

NO is right.. but as far as the ink in your bloodstream.. that happens anyway, and they use safe inks for that exact reason. But #1, you are at risk for infection #2 you can lose alot of blood getting a tattoo #3 Your body is stretching and getting a tattoo now could make it look HORRIBLE after the baby is born. Your skin could be stretched in ways you don't even realize and after your baby is born it will be all distorted. BASICALLY, not a good idea, if they won't give you one while pregnant, it's for you and your baby's safety and you should just wait.


Stef - May 31

Hey, it's prob nto a great idea! Besides, you're bound to put on weight so just from an aesthetic point of view, the tatoo might go all out of shape and look different after you've given birth!


JEssica - May 31

hold off to get it till the baby is born. That is what i am going to do. Think about it too not only the risk of ink in your bloodstream but a deformed tattoo cause you aren't going to be that size forever you lose weight it loses form



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