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Sindel - February 3

Hello everyone. Hope all your pregnancies are going well. I have a quick question, its probably pretty silly to ask but I'm going to anyway. Is it okay to get a tattoo while you are pregnant? 2nd trimester seems to be the time to really do anything... My husband's bday is coming up and would like to get tattoos together. Now I said I dont think I can do that but would call the doc to see what she thinks. Since she isnt around until monday I thought I'd ask all of you what your advice/opinions are. Thanks again!


Tammy276 - February 3

NO!!! The tatoo place won't tatoo you knowing you are pregnant.....Why don't you just wait until after, it can be a late b-day present or something. I am in the same boat.. My husband does a tatoo day every year at our local tatoo shop where they close down to the public and everyone we know that wants a tatoo gets a discount and we usually get ours for 1/2 off or free... This year my hubby is doing it on his birthday (March 17th) and I am due March 29th, so I am going to miss out this year and will just have to wait to get mine.....Its not worth lying to them either and taking the risk of harming your baby


Sindel - February 3

Thanks for the input. I didnt think they would tattoo me anyway and was leary on the whole idea. But just for the sake of asking I thought I'd look into it. I'm due in June but my bday is also in June so I guess I'll just get mine then =) Also just for the knowledge what are the risks? I've heard that people who have tattoos are more likely to contract Hep B or C.. I dont remember which one.. but thats all I have ever heard about diseases etc. Thanks again!


jessicaspatherapist - February 4

well i know you're more likely to get infection while you're pregnant and you would bleed more...i was also thinking...they don't even want us to dye our hair so getting dye injected into our skin during pregnancy is probably not the best idea :) just curious, what are your tats? i have a fairy on the right side of my lower back...thank God she's not on my belly she'd be getting fatter and taller! lol......


Tammy276 - February 4

right now, I have a band on my arm with flowers and a b___terfly above it, then underneath my arm where they band didn't connect, I have chinese that means "love is strength". I have a floral arrangement type tatoo on my shoulder blade and a b___terfly with a tiger face in it with flowers below it and tribel extending out from the sides of it on my lower back. Not sure what I'm gonna get next time, but I'm sure I"ll find something! I think the next one will be something with my kids names on it


jessicaspatherapist - February 4

tammy, wow! that sounds like some serious art :) something with the kids names sounds nice too, just don't put dh's name unless you know there is no way in HELL you'll ever break up! lol......


Tammy276 - February 4

Oh, I know that one already!! LOL... My DH said something to me the last time we got tattoos that we should get each others names or birth signs and I HECK NO!!!! My kids will alway be my kids, but my DH may not always be my DH...Sorry hunny!!


Sindel - February 4

lol my dh mentioned getting names and got offended when i was like no. I suppose i can see why. I have 3 tats that all need to be done over on.. i got them in my teens and kinda regret those choices.. so i was gonna start getting new ones done over the old.. but i dont like the placement of any of them either so blah. I'd like to get something with a fairy and my zodiac symbol.. but i also want to do something that has my kids zodiac symbols in them too.. I thought about a fairy with maybe blue tiger striped wings with her arm extended and having 2 b___terflies floating there with the zodiac symbols on them. I dont know if that seems corny since my b___terflies are boys.. hehe


aliciavr6 - February 5

I'm DYING to get tattooed, I have a big japanese phoenix on my back coming around onto my ribs that isn't finished yet, and before I got pregnant, started a dragon from my elbow to shoulder, then onto my chest, then I couldn't finish it because I found out I was pregnant... I'm getting my bf a gift cert to get tattooed for vday and it's going to suck to go and not get anything done myself, but I think since our immune systems are lowered, we're more susceptible to infection and no tattoo artist that I know will work on a pregnant woman. I'll definitely be getting something with my daughter to be's name, after she is born of course, as will my bf, something old school, with heart&wings, and rattles, bottle, or other baby stuff, then a banner with her name...


mamaof3 - February 5

Hey girls, congrats on the babies! My husband does tatoos and he said something about the ink getting to the baby's bloodstream that's why they don't do it.


JolieLucker - February 5

the baby will go into shock if you were to get a tattoo..



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