Tee Hee Hee Baby Moving

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Eire - May 12

no question, just wanted to say it to someone without people thinking I'm mad... I think I just felt my baby move for the 1st time and it's brill - I'm so excited I could burst but I'm at work so can't really go around singing about it...! So I'm gonna do it here instead!!! woo hooo!!!


tg - May 12



Melissa - May 12

It is awesome! I felt our baby for the first time on Monday. It really shocked me because everything I had read says you probably wont feel it until 20 weeks and I am 18 weeks. Anyways, it surprised me so much that I screamed. My husband and I were watching tv and it really shocked him. I havent felt much movement since then, maybe once a day. Usually later at night when I am just lying down.


Erin - May 12

Hey gals! Just a word of advice for you. Right before bed, lie down and drink a big galss of cold water. That will wake baby up and start moving. It work every time with my daughter!!! Good luck! Erin


Eire - May 12

Thanks Erin - will try that tonight.. (even though I'll have to run to the toilet even more during the night after that!!!)


D - May 12

I've been feeling tiny movements for a couple weeks... but they are starting to get more regular and much stronger. If I poke at my belly, I can wake the baby up... then it kicks at my belly b___ton. It seems to like to kick more if my husband puts his hand on my belly. I think its pretty neat! So far, I really can't feel anything during the day when I'm moving around.


candy - May 12

my baby is finally gettin strong enough to see move around in there...i like to take a warm bath to get her movin....


Tasha - May 12

I started feeling my baby move at 18 weeks. I am now almost 24 weeks. At first, it was only about 1 time a day and I had to be sitting real still at work. Slowly, I could feel him while I was moving around. Now, I think he is practicing kick-boxing! I think my stomach moved 2 in. this morning. I still love to watch and feel. I don't think I will ever get tired of it!! (although it hasn't woke me up in the middle of the night yet)



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