Telling Friends And Family The Sex

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Sam - August 30

I should find out if it's a B or G in two weeks. At first, I was planning on telling everyone — not making it a secret. Now I'm having second thoughts. What do you guys think about telling people vs. keeping it a secret between me and the hubby. Pros and cons? Other experiences?


m - August 30

Why would you want to keep it a secret?


Dani Renee' - August 30

Sam, I was gonna do that because there were a few ppl who really wanted it to be a surprise for when they came to the hospital. But.. there were very close friends of mine who wanted to know, i knew if i told some and not the others that eventually. Either on purpose or accident it would get out, and i would be upset that is wasnt me or my hubby that told. I figured also at the baby shower when the ones i told are buying blue that the others who didnt know would figure it out. I thought that if i wernt gonna tell certain ppl, that i should just not find out. But my hubby & I wanted to know to be able to prepare the proper way :) good luck on your decision !


Tiffany - September 5

At first, I did not want to know what I was having. I always picutred the doctor holding my baby up and saying "It's a ..." But, my husband convinced me to find out and I wanted to find out in a special way. So, we had the results put in a sealed envelope and held and big bbq for all our friends and family. We opened the envelope and found out with everyone else. It was a great day and I would repeat it with my next baby.


Rhonda - September 5

I found out we are having a boy on 9/2 and I have been telling my family and close friends and I am sure when I go to work on tuesday I will be telling everyone we just had two other girls where I work that had girls so I having the boy so yeah I am gonna tell ha ha lol but everyone has their own ways...


Chrissy - September 6

Sam that is a tough decision. Well when we had my first ultrasound my doctor looked and I could tell as well, girl. She told me not to buy anything pink yet and wait until the next ultrasound. Actually my mom and husband were both with me. I was thinking of keeping it a secret but my family and friends are so excited to buy things and I am excited as well I just had to tell people!!!! What some people do, if they don't keep the baby's s_x a secret, is not tell people the name until the baby is born or not let people see the baby's room close or after birth. I guess it is a personal decision. It depends how good you are at keeping such a great secret from everyone. Now I am thinkingof keeping the baby's room theme a secret because when people ask me what we are doing I always change my mind!! SO, I am going to tell them it will be a surprise. (Instead of I don't know)



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