Tender Abdominal Spot

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xSuzx - March 1

Hi I'm 25 weeks pregnant about 2 weeks ago I was giving myself a belly rub and as I was doing so I found a really tender spot on my abdomen, it's just at the top of my uterus slightly to the left side, at first I thought it was caused by ligerments and muscles streching or the baby being a bit rough with one spot, but it's still there now. It's not gotten any better and is quite painfull and shocks me if I catch it by accident when just doing normal house work. I'm going to mention it to my midwife on thursday esp as I've been getting quite a few Braxton hicks (some of them quite strong but not painfull) lately. Has anyone else experienced anything like it, or have any idea what it could be. xSuzx


Roary - March 1

I have a spot with scar tissue (rough miscarriage) in my uterus that stings and is much more tender then the rest of my abdomen whenever my uterus is expanding. I can actually track where my uterus reaches by the stinging.-- which used to be about 9 inches lower. Best get it checked xSuzx. Goodluck.


dee23 - March 1

hi suz, im getting the exact same pain in the exact same spot, i am 20 weeks and only felt the pain as the sono was going over the spot at the ultrasound a few days ago. i have also been getting bh contractions. my sono said it wasent normal and to get it checked out. well i havent gotten that far yet but if you find out plz come back and tell me as im now dying to know!


Inny - March 1

I have a tender spot as well - directly beside my hip bone on my left side (about 2 inches over). I actually think with me it has something to do with my intestines (this spot has hurt in the past - before I was pregnant) or possibly my ovary. I have an appointment next week and will mention it.


Allie - March 1

Here is another "me too" response. I am 24 weeks, and have one particular spot, 2 inches up from bely b___ton and three to the left that is almost always sore by the end of the day...I have a dr. appt scheduled for Friday, and this sore spot is on my list of questions to ask...I will post after I hear from my dr, but if anyone knows anything in the meantime please share...especially if you know how to alleviate the soreness!


xSuzx - March 2

Hi all just been to see my midwife, when I mentioned my tender spot and my BH contractions she gave the labour ward a call, she thinks that it could be a possible small placenta abruption but as long as baby is active not to worry as small abruptions don't normally cause any problems they don't even show up on scans. but she said that if the tender spot got worse or the BH get painfull or if I start spotting to call the hospital, so it's worth getting all your tender spots checked. but please try not to worry I'm at home and I feel fine and little one is kicking around like a gymnast.


Allie - March 2

Thanks xSuzx. I will definitely make sure that I bring this up at my appt tomorrow. Did she give you any restrictions on activity levels (lifting, reaching etc)? It seems that when I have to reach a lot at work my tender spot gets a lot worse...almost makes me glad to be home sick today, taking it easy (my son has the flu, so I'm working from home)


xSuzx - March 2

no she didn't give me any restrictions as such, but she onle said that could possibly be an abruption not deffinate, however she did say that take it easy when I get my BH as some of them are quite strong. if you pains worse when reaching or lifting it could just be a pulled muscle so maybe take it easy for a while.


Allie - March 2

I haven't gotten any BH yet - when did you start experiencing them?


xSuzx - March 3

Hi Allie I started getting BH contractions at about 21 weeks although some women don't even feel them at all untill about the last month I didn't feel any with my first, with my second I felt a few at about 35 weeks but not strong ones, but this time they're early and quite strong but not painful.


Allie - March 3

Well,aw the dr. this afternoon...he said the pain I'm having is just normal muscle stretching...good news, except that means it probably isnt going to go away.



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