Terrible Headaches

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Claire - January 10

who can help I've been having headaches for the past four weeks and all one can take apparently is Tylenol, what can I so, its soo painful, thanks


mena - January 10

Your not alone, I'm 15 weeks & have been having about 1 or 2 bad headaches a week. I take tylenol when they get really bad, also drink lots of water, & try to eat many small snacks like fruit as my doctor advised that letting your blood sugar drop may bring on headaches.


Abby - January 11

My doctor told me that when i get headaches to go for a short walk outside and get some fresh air. at first ithought it sounded stupid, but it realy does work. Dont stay in bed all day whatever you do because that can sometimes make it worse, and keep it going longer.


Gail - January 12

I get them sometimes too. We are allowed to have up to 300 mg of caffeine and that often helps me. I didn't really drink coffee in my first trimester because it doesn't taste good to me but I started getting bad headaches in the second trimester. My one cup of coffee seems to prevent them unless they're caused by sinus congestion from a cold, etc.


Deron - January 14

Lots of water, some juice you like and dont lie down all day stay active - like walk about. I would say leave the tylenol for at leasta day and see how it goes.


sg - January 16

I am 23 weeks, and I suffered horrible migraines from about 12 weeks to 16 weeks. But I started sleeping less, eating way more and drinking tons of water and that seemed to take them away. I find that if I don't drink enough water, I start getting head pressure and that usually turns into a headache.


kashi - January 16

my headaches usually come when i hadn't eaten enough, and they go away as soon as i drink some water and eat a good, warm meal...


Kristin - January 20

I usually get migranes in my week of my period. Since being pregnant I get them non-stop. The best thing I can tell you if your doctor wont call in a migrane medicine is drink caffeine with taking your tylenol. The difference in tylenol and a migrane medicine is the caffeine included. Also you can take psuedephedrine because some headaches are caused by sinus pressure. Good luck!!


k - January 20

if you are before 22 weeks you can take advil which helps much more. a little caffiene helps too. this is my second pregnancy and it's happened to me both times. my dr. advised advil and caffiene since i am having migraine like headaches and can barely function.


Michelle - January 21

Exercise can help as well. I suffer from migraines and have had a few bouts already. Then on top of those I get the headaches. I often wake up with them in the morning. The back of my head hurts even lying on the pillow. My doctor prescribe Vicodin for the bad migraines. I have resisted taking it at all, but broke down once to take it. It did help. But keep in mind that Vicodin is a Cla__s C drug. So basically use at your own risk.


lidia - January 21

im 14 weeks and i am having really bad headaches to i just drink lots of water and lay down for a few if you keep on taking tylenol or advil it looses its affects



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