Terrible Leg Cramping

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Heidi - May 23

Is this common? I'm 18 wks and I have the worst charlie horses in my calves! Today when I bend my foot up, my calf is sooo sore and stiff. Anyone else have this? I wake up with terrible cramps in my calf and sometimes have to get out of bed and stand on my foot to make them go away. They're sooo painful! My feet can't handle long standing anymore either. I was on my feet most of the day yesterday and they were just throbbing by the end of the night. That's not normal for me!


Beth - May 23

I am 26 weeks and I have the SAME problem. Leg cramps during pregnancy is normal, but try eating more bananas too because they are high in potasium and that will help. I had bananas Friday and banana ice cream Sat and no cramps this weekend!! :0). But I know exactly what you mean about how painful they are.


Heidi - May 23

My doc suggested trying eating two tums before I go to bed too. Haven't bought any yet. Not sure how they would help. I thought pota__sium would but she said the calcium does something too.


Jules - May 23

I had them with my first pregnancy terrible! I would wake up in the middle of the night and such pain. I don't know what helps but after I had the baby they were gone!


Lucky1 - May 23

I have that sometimes too, But like 2 weeks ago I had it 3 times in one week. They hurt so bad that I was awakened by the pain all three times, but the Third time I just started crying because it wouldn't loosen up, OMG! it is Sooo painful. My doctor suggested a calcium supplement as well. But, I have been eating Bannanas, drinking a lot of water and walking a little more. The week that happend to me, I didn't excersise at all and I think that is what caused it....


Nelly - May 23

hi ladies, it's so good to know that i'm not alone on this one, first time it happened i was terrified thought that i did something wrong... i feel so much better knowing that it happens... thank you


Heidi - May 23

My right calf is killing me today. Well when mine started cramping at night it was the same week I started riding bike. Oh man! They hurt so bad! I had to get up one night and stand on it cus bending it wouldn't make it go away! Ouch!


Lilu - May 23

I have the same problem! I'm like limping from them. Thanks, I will try eating more bananas and eating tums before bedtime.



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