Test Driving Strollers

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jodie - February 1

So I went out test driving double strollers this week and I am just so undecisive! My son will be just over 1 1/2 when my new little one is born. I just don't know if I should by the tandem double or the side by side. I have found both kinds that I like that can hold the infant seat but I need advice from some experienced double stroller users out there. Any advice on brands or styles????? Thanks in advance!


suze42 - February 1

I know double side by sides can be hard to maneuver thru doorways, narrow aisles and even sidewalks. My friend had one and I would lmao watching her try to get thru doorways and such. :)


lovinmybaby - February 2

I recently bought a side by side stroller for my son and my daughter (due in 2 weeks). I took it for a test drive and went to the mall with my son and neice. Let me say...I returned it the next day! My son liked to reach over and steal his cousins blanky, toys, etc! I decided to go for the tandem double. Its great because you can transfer the infant easier by keeping her in her infant seat! Goodluck! When are you due?


Tracy88 - February 2

My good friend has twins and she likes the tandem double. I also work at Pottery Barn Kids (a big store where I live) and people have the hardest time getting through the store with the side-by-side.


amb5879 - February 2

I was a nanny for two kids for two years, they were an infant and toddler when I started. We went to the zoo, children's museum, etc and they had a tandem stroller. It was great to use and also easy to use (traveling purposes, cup holders, etc).


sarahbaby11 - February 2

defintiely a tandem.depending on vehicle size differnet ones are better. i haev a duo glider and it is a tight fit in my 2006 accord. also take your son with you too check them out. but him in the back seat and see how he fits remeber that he will be 3 when your litle one is his age and you don't want the younger to be squished. some back seats are real small and worthless. kolkraft came out with a new one i think baby depot might carry its really nice and roomy. like teh others said though avoid the side by side they are two hard to go anywwhere


jodie - February 3

Thanks everyone! I just love how small the sidebyside folds up. I have a 4runner so there is plenty of room to hold a big stroller but it would just be nice to have something kind of light weight. The one i tried out was a combi and it holds a infant seat. I was at babiesrus and they didn't have any combi tandem's just the huge graco ones...I guess I could check online but then I can't test drive. I am not due until july so I have time to try things out I guess. Thanks though for all the help!!


Jmom - February 4

I also thought hard about this- ds will be 14.5 months when dd is born. I decided to go with the front back one b/c I don't want ds to take things from or hit the dd. also, It looks hard to get the side by sides through stores. I just figured I'd ge the whopping graco one b/c the carseat can fit in it..(we have the graco seat)



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