Texas Anyone

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Samantha - October 4

Are any of you out there from Texas?


Brandie - October 4

Hi I live in Dallas, Tx. I'm entering my 27 week today. How far along are you? Where are you in Texas?


Heather - October 4

Hey! I live in Dallas as well. I am 17w 4d. I have had the easiest pregnancy with the exception of migraines and my right hand and arm falling asleep everytime I lay down. How are yall doing?


Brandie - October 4

I have had an easy pregnancy to. No vomiting can you believe not even once, I had the best pregnancy with my first child but that's because I was 16 and healthy as a horse, but I still threw up twice during that pregnancy. Now I'm 20, I'm definitely not in as good of shape as back then and this time around no pucken for me. All my other friends that stayed sick hate me.LOL. What part of Tx are you from?


Samantha - October 4

Hey girls, I'm for around the Houston area. I'm 13 weeks along. I have been sick, vomiting, headaches and everything! Hopefully it will go away soon!!! Congrats to you all!!


Ellie - October 4

Hi Texas girls! I am from Austin. I am 20 weeks pregnant - 3rd pregnancy, one was m/c. Samantha sorry you are sick.. unfortunately I had really bad migraines, throwing up, etc. until week 18 with this baby!! However, with my first I was better by 14.. so hopefully that will be your situation too. Good luck...


Michelle - October 4

Texas here. San Antonio, but orginally from Houston. 23 weeks with a second girl!


Samantha - October 4

Hey Ellie- yes this is my first, I hope the sickness goes away soon!! Good to see people from Texas!!!


Kim - October 4

Hey I live in houston and I'm due 4/16. I haven' t had any complications yet.


Samantha - October 4

Hey Kim- what part of Houston do you live in?


Holly - October 4

I live in Dallas. I am 18 weeks on Friday. Heather, are you due on March 10, 2006? Just wondering because I am. My tummy has not grown since 12 weeks and I am really worried.


Heather - October 5

Hi Holly, Yes I am due March 10th! We should keep in touch. It will be cool to talk to someone that is on the same 'schedule' as I am! Have you found out what you are having yet? I find out October 26 and the anticipation is killing me!


Merissa - October 5

I'm in Austin, due February 3 and we're having a girl. So far I have felt fine--except for one incident where I threw up in a walmart trash can. Talk about embarra__sing!


Cortneay - October 6

Hi, I live in Pearland, TX I am 14wk 3days and I haven't had any morning sickness or anything. Hope it goes away, I was always sick with my son.


Holly - October 6

Heather, that sounds like a great idea. Is this your first baby? I find out what the s_x is on October 21.... I can't wait! Are you showing or anything yet?


Heather - October 6

Holly, This is my first... still can hardly believe that I am really having a baby. I have just recently started to feel the fluttering which is amazing. I'm looking forward to being able to feel the kicks and for my fiance to feel it too. I have already outgrown all of my regular clothes! I have only gained 2 pounds though. So, I guess everything is just shifting to my tummy. I am only 4'11" so there really isn't any room for everything to go except out. How about you? Have you picked out names? Have a preference for a boy or a girl?



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