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jennifer_33106 - October 21

You know today I went into the BX here on post and someone asked me "how far are you?" I said 6 months cuz I will be in 5 days. She then replies, "WOW THAT IS GONNA BE A HUGE BABY!!!" I felt so fat. hahah and the thing is, the baby was measuring a little small at my 20 week u/s., Wow i fell like shamu. haha Someone throw me back in the water!!


BriannasMummy - October 23

No worries Jen.. the other day at toys r us.. a girl asked me.. so how much longer do you have to go.. I said.. Im due in March.. her eyes buldged out of her head.. and said OH MY!! It really means nothing.. a lot of people dont even know what the heck they are talking about! When i was pregnant with Brianna I had people constantly coming up to me saying.. "TWINS OR TRIPLETS?" I had to respond with "Just one baby elephant". No worries.. youll end up with probably a 7lber.. my prediction. ~Kristin~


jennifer_33106 - October 23

haha thanks guys. You know, why is it that after the fact you think of all these good comebacks. Like i could have said, "Well I dont like to deprive my child of food." Or like pomny said, "Well mine wont be as fugly." haha I am hoping kristin that your prediction is right. I dont want my baby to be abnormally small but I do want her not to be a 10 pounder. Scary. haha Thanks guys!


sahm2alaj - October 24

The other day a fellow employee felt the need to tell me 'I am getting HUGE' and I am going to get sooo much bigger in the next few months... mind you she was pg not to long ago and looked like she was carrying twins! I am 7 months pg now and still weigh less than her and she already had her baby months ago!!!! You would think that after being pg herself she would have learned the proper etiquette when commenting to a hormonally charged pg woman!!! Mind you I have only gained about 17 lbs and it seems to be all belly and b___bs. My face arms and legs are still the same! I just felt to insulted!! Needless to say, i haven't even looked her in the face since! Yesterday someone said i was 'looking pregnant'? Well ummm i kind of am! DUH?!


Gemini_Girl - October 24

its terrible isnt it, I know im really big and carry it all on the stomach area,my family, friends and collegues that tell me Im not when I ask, are frankly lyers and then there are others who dont mention it which i think is a bit strange too (they just cant win) my MIL says it looks like twins every time she sees me and when I was in work today 2 customers came in the old guy told me I didnt have long to go and I said 3months (im due 7th Feb) as he automatically a__sumed January I just agreed and his wife said there is no way Id be making it to January! LOL


Greeklady28 - October 24

I went to greece last month to visit family, and I am very pale compared to my family. I got stared at a lot and felt like I was going to be harpooned if I laid on the beach too long. The weight will come off after you have the baby and you will look amazing, so screw all these jerks who think they know how far along we are just by looking at us! (sorry, hormones got me a little riled up)


HeavenisMine - October 24

I was only insulted about having twins once, and I don't know where this guy got off questioning me about twins. I am smaller than I expected to be, already 36wks2d pregnant and still don't feel as big as I should be, although the doctor said I was measuring perfectly. pffft.


lala7 - October 28

I have the opposite - most people try to tell me that I don't look as far along as I am or that I don't even look pregnant at all (as if I always had this really strange body shape with this stomach poking out). But those type of comments are equally hurtful - I think people just shouldn't comment on weight at all. Our baby measured perfectly 2 days ago and everything is healthy so I'm definitely not depriving it of anything. People should just comment on how well you're looking or something like that - weight comments should be a no go area I think cos either way they have the potential to seriously hurt people's feelings.


Iamamiracleangel - November 2

When I left my work last week for bedrest, people who didn't know me(But I've seen everyday for 10 mo.) were like why are you leaving?! I'd say, well, bedrest. I got some really strange looks, so I eventually patted my belly, and got the response of "Ohhhhh.. I see" as if they really didn't know what I was talking about. Let's see here people, I know I'm a bigger girl, but my shirts are pretty much up to my belly b___ton, I have a huge baby and I LOOK pregnant... People are so strange.. I wish for once someone would ask how far along I am.. but I guess that would be ostracizing the "fat" pregnant girl...


jennifer_33106 - November 2

haha wow! Seriously people know that before pgy weight is a touchy subject and most dont say anything. WHY IS IT that during pgy people feel it is alright and they have justification!? I am gonna scream at the next person who tells me how round I am. haha


jenice - November 2

Oh! People can be so thoughtless! I'm only 24 weeks, and it's visible that I'm pregnant, but barely. I mean, if I were to come across someone looking like me, I'd wonder if she was pregnant, but I'd never ask her when her due date was! And people here (perfect strangers) are asking me how much longer I have! The nicest comment was at a community baby shower...a representative from some company (might have been a Mary Kay lady) was chatting with me, and all of the ladies attending were pregnant, so it was safe to a__sume I was too. But she said at the end of our conversation that I looked really healthy. I took it as a complement, because I've lost weight with this pregnancy, and have been going through a lot of depression. Afterwards, I wasn't sure what she meant though, because I am a slightly heavier girl. Oh well, she said it nicely enough. I guess sometimes we just have to choose to take things positively. If someone tells us we're looking really big, we can be thankful our babies are growing properly! (A friend of mine didn't looke pregnant until the baby dropped in labor. And her daughter was having trouble getting enough nutrition, so she was born very small. I'd rather look like Shamu and have a healthy baby.)


lala7 - November 3

I just want to make one comment on the whole idea that being bigger means a healthier baby - healthy babies can happen either way. Obviously you don't want to be underweight at all, and I'd think it'd be better to be more to the bigger side than the smaller side, but at the same time I'm 20 weeks and look smaller than some other people at the same stage at me, or even some people who are less far long than me. It offends me that people might a__sume that my baby isn't getting enough nutrition - because that's completely false. I eat A LOT, and also eat (most of!) the right foods. My obstetritician said that my baby is growing perfectly despite the fact that I don't look ma__sive - but my baby is still growing exactly as it should and is getting all of the right nutrients. So I don't want people thinking that just because I'm a bit smaller (and I've always been smaller so it's also a genetic thing) I'm not looking after my baby properly. Every body is different and as long as the baby's growing and you are putting on SOME weight then the amount that it needs to be to equal a healthy baby is extremely variable. Sorry, as everyone knows weight is a touchy subject - I just wanted to put that point out there.



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