Thats One Big Baby Where Are The June Moms

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Jenn - February 2

Hi ladies-I had my us today-its a boy!! wooohoo!! But, I guess he is pretty big so far. He is already 2 pounds at 21 weeks and his measruements are dating 23w 6 days-doc said this is normal considering my first was 10 pounds!! I am having a section on June first-so far she says that could change. I haven't seen any of the june mommies post in a while and I was wondering how eveyone is doing?? Hope all is well :)


mama-beans - February 2

HI! June Mommie her.. I 'm also 21 weeks, due on the 13th. We had our ultrasound at 20 weeks and Little Man was one pound exactly. Doc said that was right on target.. I can't believe yours is alreadt 2 pounds!!!! HUGE!!! That IS one big baby! How are you feeling? This is my second as well, and I am SO tired all the time, I nap every day with my DD. Plus, I'm getting those pubic/belly pains like I had at the end of my pregnancy with her... already! What a different experience this is!


Hope - February 2

Wow! What a big baby! This little one was 13 ozs at my 20 wks appointment. My son was 14 ozs at his 20 wk u/s and he too was 10 lbs 2 ozs at birth! My due date is June 15th but I am going to be induced a week early! Good Luck ladies!


katie - February 3

Im 27 weeks today but at 25 weeks my baby boy was 2pounds 3 ounces. The u/s tech thought maybe my dates were off but my doctor says no there right. So I figure that it's because my fiance's family were all big babies and I just found out that when my dad was born he weighed 11 pounds. Can you believe that, My poor Grandma:( Well congrats and good luck to everyone!


Nita - February 3

I'm due with my 1st on June 26th. And we had our 20th week u/s yday and learnt it's a GIRL!!!! DH & I are very excited about it and can't wait to pick out the cutest outfits for her. Our baby is 12oz the tech said, but Jenn, your's surely is a big one!


Jenn - February 3

Hi ladies I am soo glad that there are so many of you due in June! I have been real tired lately and I am starting to waddle :( I feel like a big tub of jello just wiggling around! Anyways, are you ladise having movements?? My guy kicks soo much! My doc said that he is already head down and that we'll keep an eye on that-I don't know if that is a big deal or not..but it caused me to have a dream that my water broke!! I woke up and couldn't fall back to sleep. I love sleep, but it is hard to get with an 18 month old. Well, hope all is well!!!


Renee - February 3

Hi ladies, I am 21 weeks and due around June 14. My US was done when I was 18 weeks and I am having a boy! At that time he weighed 8 oz, but I am sure he is at least a pound by now. This is my first child and I am surprised with how tired I have been, and I don't have any other children to chase after! I am already planning to cut back my hours at work. This week it seems like my little guy is moving all the time, he is especially active after I eat and sit down. My husband has already felt some kicks just in the last week.It is nice to chat with other June mommies!


HH - February 3

Hi ladies! I'm also a June mommy :-) I'm due June 6, and unlike all of you, we could not find out the gender of our little one (it's our first by the way). The legs were wide open (yoga position), but the technician's camera was only side ways, and it's too bad our little baby face the camera..instead it faced the other way (gve us the b___t!). Thank God at least everything is well which is what's most important. Best of luck to all of you!


Liz - February 3

I'm due June 13th and had my ultrasound at 19 w/2d. My little guy was 10 ounces. I feel him every now and again, not as much as I thought I would, but the tech said that my placenta was in the front and that is why. He was moving around so much she didn't get all the measurements, and now I get to go back and have another ultrasound!


Renee-Marie - February 3

Hello June Mommies! I think we're all guilty of hibernating, but I too am glad to see everyone out and about again. My level 2 ultrasound was done at 18 weeks and our little man was weighing in at 8 oz. I feel like he's a little behind after reading all the other posts. Although the tech said everything was right on target. Hmmmm..... Anyway, I feel my little one kicking all the time now too. I'm due June 20th, but my stepmother (also an RN) says she thinks I'll go around the 15th instead. Only the baby knows when!!!!!!!


Stephanie - February 3

Hi Mommies-To-Be ... I too am glad that all of us June moms have started posting again! I am due June 3rd and had a 3rd u/s done when I was 21 weeks. My little girl weighed in at 18 oz. which is a tiny bit over a pound! I thought that was big, but after reading some of these posts I realized she is right on track! She also moves around alot! I feel her all the time! Have any of you began having braxton hicks??? I get them quite often ... the Dr. said not to worry about them unless I had more than 4 in an hour! Talk to you all soon!


Renee - February 3

No Stephanie, I don't think i have felt them, of course I don't know. What do Braxton Hicks contractions feel like? I know I am having some round ligament pain at times, especially if I cough, sneeze or change positions too fast.


mama-beans - February 3

Yes, Stephanie, I get them all the time! I'd say 5 or so times a day.... which is a LOT more then with my first!


MooBaby - February 6

Hi all! My boy is due June 16th, but the tech didn't tell me how much my baby weighed. Hmmm. Anyway, I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions since 15 weeks... lots. We also found out that I have a thin cervix... I am so worried... anyone else in the same situation? My doctor won't allow me to work out anymore and I am so worried about m/c. I am scared.


LonelyTears - February 6

Hi ladies, Im a june mommy too..Due June 29, 2006..Im hoping to have the baby on June 18 or 19 though! I found out at my 18 week ultrasound that I am having a girl. She weighed 9oz at the time! I will hopefully be having a 3d/4d around 25 weeks. Happy baby growing ladies!


BRAXTON HICKS... - February 6

To answer you Renee, Braxton Hicks are contractions of your uterus. You feel your uterus contract into a tight ball. It doesn't hurt, but can be uncomfortable. I had one, and I think my baby was lying horozontally inside, because my belly shrank down and was long and hard (from hip to hip) It was weird. You're not missing anything by not having any BH. Apparently, because the uterus is a muscle, it does this often (even when we are not pregnant) it's just some women feel it and others don't. ... From Renee-Marie


Renee - February 6

Thanks Renee-Marie! I think I have had them a couple of times and just did not realize what they were. I noticed it after s_x actually! I was laying there and noticed my uterus got real hard and tight. Guess that would be a prime time for it to happen!



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