The Dad Will Get So Upset If It Is A Boy

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renaye - November 22

hi all im back to ask one more question? im not finding out what we are haveing the dad so badly wants a GlRL but i have a feeling it is a BOY and on the scan you can see some thing there, i know that he will be so upset and might even treat baby bad i dont want he to be disappointed at the same time this will be our first baby and it should be the best time of our life .he wants to find out the s_x so he know but im not to keen on knowing can any one help me has this happen to you???


javidsgirl - November 22

if you think he will cause harm to the baby then i would do what is for the BABY and leave


renaye - November 22

NO WAY he wont hurt the baby but it might be left out and he may not pay attention to baby. the thing is he has a 3 year old sister and i think that he will do more for her than his own baby thansk for you input and trush me i will leave it come to that


jennifer_33106 - November 22

He may experience some disappointment in the gender but that dosent mean he will love his child anyless. My husband wated a boy so bad. He never referred to the baby as a girl. Then at our 24th week u/s it was confirmed beyond a doubt that it is a girl. He is not upset in the least. All he can talk abou tis his little girl. When it comes to seeing the baby for the first time, I think he will change his mind. GL!!


javidsgirl - November 22

oh ok sorry i misunderstood your post well i am sure he will love him or her no matter what after a baby is such a wonderful gift


renaye - November 22

oh gosh i hope so THANK YOU SO MUCH to you all for your input i should just have a talk to him about it but he gets so upset when i say it have a 50 /50 chance of being a girl but kool as thanks


cayingo - November 23

When you're having your talk with him it might help you to remind him of the biological facts. The father's sperm supplies the genes to decided the gender of the baby. Unfortunately, we moms have nothing whatsoever to do with it. Regardless of which gender you are having, the fact that you created this child together in the magical dance of conception is just so amazingly marvelous. Revel in the pure wonder of how a life starts and grows, not whether the life growing inside you is male or female. Enjoy!


sarah21 - November 23

It changes when the baby is born. They are so overwhelmed that there is actually a baby in the first place and then their instincts take over. It'll be fine.


pomny143 - November 23

Not to make light of your situation, but when I went for my sono (I wanted to find out), my fiance actually offered the sono tech a hundred dollar bill to tell him it was a boy! SO SORRY! It's a girl! He was disappionted, but trust me, if he is a good man, he will not care after he holds her for the very first time. Good luck!


renaye - November 25

thanks every one i have not takled to him yet i feel much better and stronger in a way and cayingo you are so right thanks for the tip have a good one



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