The Heartbeat Boys VS Girls

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c2beaudoin - February 1

I thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss about. I hear contradicting things about how fast the baby's heartbeat is and whether it indicates if it's a girl or a boy. I've heard that a fast heartbeat means girl and I've also heard the same for boy so now I'm confused lol. I would like to hear from moms on how fast the baby's heartbeat was and what the s_xe outcome ended up being. Thanks for participating :)


TriaB - February 1

I don't think that is going to help determine the s_x of the child....each child is different and the heart rate will change throughout your pregnancy. How far along are you...when is your ultrasound?


c2beaudoin - February 2

I don't a__sume that it will, I just thought it would be interesting to hear from other moms to see what the turnout was. My ultrasound won't be until I am 18-20 weeks, we get to hear the heartbeat on a doppler tomorrow but I don't know if that tells you what the heart rate is? Anyway, I wasn't basing the s_x of the baby solely on how fast the heartrate is, it's just fun to speculate that's all.


Mari26me - February 2

When I was pregnant with my daughter is heartrate was always in the 150's. Now I am 24 weeks pregnant with a boy, and his heartrate has always been in the 150's as well.


Krissy25 - February 2

I think there is some truth to it but i wouldn't bet anything on it. With my dd her heartbeat was generally in the 150's to 160's but it was as low as the 140's once. I'm now 30 weeks pg with a boy. His have generally been in the 140's sometimes 150's (have not gotten as high as the 160's yet). I think to get any kind of idea you would need to hear it several times to see where it at generally.


angelmarkie - February 2

I posted this question before as I have been curious. Both my girls are were in the 150's. I am now 27 weeks pregnant, but have opted to keep it a secret until the big debut. This one's heartrate is also in the 150's. We would like to see a boy come our way, but would be happy either way. It is fun guessing though!


kgreenlove - February 7

There is no gender relations to heart rate, just anther one of thoose myths we often here.


stefkay - February 19

My dd's heartrate was always in the 160s and this baby (22 weeks) is always in the 150's and is a girl. The thing is though that the heartrate varies a LOT. I have a doppler just like the one used in the docs office so I can listen to it anytime and it will generally be in the 150s but will sometimes go down to 140s or even 130s and other times be up in the 160s. When you go to the docs office they only listen for a few seconds and give you one heartrate reading, but your baby's heartrate isn't always like that one number...



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