The Most Wonderful Lotion EVER

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Katz - February 8

Honestly, I have always used Palmers cocoa butter and liked it alot but then I tried the Shea Butter and I do not think I will EVER go back to cocoa butter! My skin is SO soft right now, I love does DH ;) ............I think that I am going to be buying alot of it........honestly, I have always reccomended the cocoa butter but now, only the shea butter. And for all you Palmers enthusiasts lol, they make a Shea butter lotion too. I am in love!! lol


pueppschen - February 8

thanks for the input honey, will try testing that. i have been itching over my b___bs and tummy, so applied lots of palmers c b but day before yesterday i notice (with much difficulty ) that i have stretch marks on my thighs :((


Katz - February 8

Your welcome. I wish I had tried the Shea earlier, like I said, I am in love! lol I expect stretch marks because I got some light ones with DD2, but I am hoping to minimize them.


squished - February 9

I think that I may switch over to that. I just bought the Palmers stretch mark lotion and I hate the way that it smells so maybe I'll get the shea b___ter. I'm definetly going to smell it before I buy it though :)


TinaSos - February 9

Thanks Katz, I've noticed that I'm drying up. My nips are getting raw and my regular lotion doesn't help and DH does not like the smell of cocoa b___ter, so maybe the shea b___ter will help on both ends.


wailing - February 10

If you guys like the Shea B___ter, there are tons of lotions like it at the Body Shop. I use the Mango Body B___ter. It comes in a Huge easy to get to tub (I've realized w/ my growing body I use lots more lotion!) so u don't have to keep squeezing it out of the tube. They all smell yummy (dads will love) and they moisturize like crazy but are not greasy.


LinsTwin - February 10

If you hate the smell of Palmer's (which I did), add a few drops of Neutrogena Light Sesame body oil to it, and it completely neutralizes the smell. The oil smells great, and the combination leaves your skin super soft (nips too).


wailing - February 11

I had completely forgotten about the Seasame Oil. IT IS WONDERFUL! Best to put on when still a little moist from shower or bath. But warning- it does get on sheets and clothes



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