The Need For SLEEP

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jal239 - February 6

I am 20 weeks today and for the past week or so i have been exhausted. I remember being this tired during my first trimester, but I though your energy was suppose to increase in your second. I seemed to be fine from 12 weeks to 19 weeks and now all I want to do is sleep. Have others noticed this as well? Thanks so much!


Whitney - February 6

Your not the only one, I thought I was too. I'm 18 weeks & have felt super tired & exhausted the whole time. This is my 2nd & the first time I felt much better after 3 months, but not this time. I can never get enough sleep, I yawn all day at work, cannot being myself to excersise, & havw touble finding the enegery to chase around my little 2 year old. So nope, your not alone.


xvkx - February 6

It comes and goes in phases for me. At the beginning though I was feeling tons more tired than I did 1st tri.


jennifer_33106 - February 6

"Supposed to" is a phrase that people should not use while pregnant. haha I have not had much energy through out this pregnancy. I am tired all the time and me being 38 weeks it seems to have gotten worse and worse. I think my most energetic trimester was the first actually. haha


fefer1 - February 7

I'm almost 24 weeks and the last month I've been totally exhausted. Like Whitney, with my first I was more tired in the first trimester. Maybe your iron is getting low?


Cat24 - February 8

i agree with fefer1. perhaps you could get your doctor to check your iron levels to see if the deficiency is causing tiredness. i was tired in the first trimester but i didnt have much time to think about it as i was working full time and had a million and one parties to attend with it being round christmas. ive heard your blood pressure can drop slightly in the second trimester so you can have bouts of feeling tired and slightly faint. hope you feel better soon!



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