The Return Of The Anxiety Monster

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gaer - August 5

Ok, so Im 23w 2d.. was doing ok and hadnt thought of any anxiety meds till this week. Anyone else feeling totally overwhelmed? Too much to buy, too much changing, (keeping in mind this was unplanned in a new relationship and my divorce isnt final and neither are the finances) ..... ugh.... my head is spinning!


Ashley2121 - August 10

I am feeling overwhelmed as well and my pregnancy was planned! :) I feel totally overwhelmed about money (I am no longer working so we are down to 1 salary), we are moving to take care of my father in law who has parkinsons (we are having an "inlaw" suite put onto his house, so at least we will be seperate), I am going back to school online full time in January. I also feel overwhelmed about everything we have to buy, espically since we need almost 2 of everything! I am right there with you about it all making my head spin. All we can do is when we are feeling overwhelmed is take a deep breath and know that everything will all work out. How do I know it will all work out? Well what are my other choices..... Its nice to talk to someone else who is feeling completley overwhelmed.


mm28 - August 11

Ugh, I totally understand the overwhelming-ness. Even though we'd been planning the pregnancy, it is still crazy to be so close to the actual event. We had our infant/child CPR cla__s last night, which just brought home the idea of having 2 little people whose lives are in your hands, scary! And as excited as I am to be nearly done with work, I have NO idea how we will manage on just my husband's salary for the next 4-5 months. Plus we've been spending money like it's going out of style, between the crib/rocker/accessories/dining room table set (we desperately needed one, we were eating dinners on the couch before!). Then last week my car started having major problems and we decided to buy a more reliable one for the payments, ack! But like you said, ashley, everything will work out in the end, and I'm sure the babies will be a wonderful distraction from our everyday issues. 10 years from now we can look back on our pregnancies and smile on what a confusing, struggling time it was, but what a great gift we got out of it.


gaer - August 17

Youre both right... its hard not to worry about the furniture, beding, clothes, money... but in the end, we have a baby.. A BABY! Thats a gift...



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