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livdea - March 6

Hey girls, I just wanted to ask if anyone else has felt this way. Just last night, it hit me, that there is a baby inside of me! I'm 22 weeks and I've been feeling the baby since 13 weeks and it's actually kicking me in the bladder right now...ugh! But just last night, I was like...WHOA...THERE'S A BABY IN THERE! Not just from it moving around but just like it came to my mind that...THERE'S A BABY IN ME!!! Anyone else having this kind of realization? Or am I screwy? I also just wanted to throw out there that I love feeling my baby move around...very active!! I find out march 8th what I'm having and I'm so excited and scared...want everything to be healthy!!! But, I mainly just wanted to say that...THERE'S A BABY IN ME!! WOO HOO!!


Hayley - March 6

Hi Liv... I feel that way still and this is my 3rd. I have my 20 week ultrasound tomorrow! Good luck to you and let me know if you find out the gender. I will do the same;o)


Mellissa - March 7

hi... i am the same way. i'll be driving down the road and it'll hit me that i'm actually PREGNANT!!! i still can't believe it sometimes. and we're actually having a son!!! i'm still in shock and i'm 20 weeks!! it's crazy.


falafal0 - March 7

The first time I felt that way was when I was pregnant with my first, over 9 years ago and the feeling is still the dsame with my fourth pregnancy now. I think the entire thing from beginning to end is a miracle and it's hard to get your head around that. It's awesome.


Michelle - March 7

I still have a hard time believeing it!!! I just told my hubby last night , Wow were going to have a baby.. It just doesn't feel real sometimes.... I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound.. I hope it goes great!!! Michelle


HH - March 7

Now that I'm 27 weeks, it started to hit me that we are having a baby! I love knowing that I'm pregnant, I love feeling my little angel kick and move inside of me, but yeah I know exactly what you ladies are saying, THERE IS A BABY IN THERE! Just like Michelle, I actually told me husband last night that we are having a baby..he was like "Yes ofcourse". It feels great, but I'm starting to feel somewhat anxious..can I handle labour, can I handle a baby, will I be a good mom, will I be tired, will I not have time for me and my husband. Anybody feeling this? I hope it's normal.


yungmama - March 7

I am 30 weeks pregnant and feel the same way. I love to just lay in bed and watch my belly move and twitch when the baby flips. But then I realize something is living in there (FREAKY). It is not my belly anymore, It is someone's home. It is one of the neatest experiences to go through but it is still so wierd.


me - March 9

That is too funny. I normally don't even remember that I am pregnant because I don't feel the baby yet. The other night my belly got really hard and I touched it. I made my huby touch it and we were both like "eeeewwwwwww", not in a bad way of course. It was just really surreal you know? We were both like, holy c___p! There really IS something in there. Just knowing that there is a set of arms and legs in there waving around like a mad person wigs me out. But it's so cool at the same time!


cyndrz632 - March 12

Hey!! OMG i know exactly what you mean im 24 weeks and its starting to hit me..theres really a baby in there like omg its a baby..a living human its scary


Renee-Marie - March 12

I'm more on the lines of "how's he gonna get out?" LOL. I mean obviously I know, but I cannot come to grips with that!!!!


Nikki0888 - March 15

Hey. I was the same way. Me and my boyfriend were laying around having a lazy day a few weeks ago and we were both quiet then outta nowhere I was like "Guess what!? We're having a baby!" It just hit me even though I had known for weeks at the time. It was pretty funny and we got a good laugh outta it.


Atarahsmommy - March 16

It has hit me few times, but it always seems to go away again, I know there is a baby in me, but it is only for a few minutes that I will really realize what that means, I've been feeling her kick, and I've know it was a girl for almost 4 weeks, (I'm almost 22 wks) but I still don't really feel pregnant, my stomach is just starting to grow so maybe when it gets bigger I realize it more, (I thought that about when I started to feel her kick and that didn't work) so maybe I'll have to wait unitll I'm holding her in my arms that I will fully understand what it means that she is a human being and my baby


krc - March 17

it's weird because even though I am 20 weeks and no longer comfortably fitting in my jeans and people I dont know are asking when am I due I still dont feel like im pregnant. More like I just have a big belly !



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