They Re Definitely Kicks Still Have A Though

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JessC531 - February 21

I posted a few days ago because I thought I felt flutters... Well, now they're definitely baby kicks. I'm so excited! Here's my question... Is it possible for the baby to move from one side of my belly to the other in about a minute?!? Or is it just really long and punching and kicking? LOL. I felt some "kicks" on my lower left side tonight, probably about 7 or 8 strong ones. Then about a minute or two after they stopped, they started in a little higher and on the right side! Then they went BACK to the left side! Is that even possible?!? This is my first baby so I'm clueless. ;) Can s/he move all around like that? Or am I getting kicked, punched, and head butted? LOL. Thanks ladies!


jodie - February 22

Hi Jess! My little one is starting to kick now too! When I was preg with my ds, he used to be all over the place too. I think it is kicks and punches.


JolieLucker - February 22

haha its prolllly a little of everything you said mixed in one.... s/he is moving all over punching kicking head b___ting and having it's little b___t sticking out... haha congrats on the kicks.


SaraH - February 22

Jess when the baby is still small it can roll and move all over the place. So, since you're just starting to feel it, I'm a__suming you're still early enough that baby is small enough to move around. It's probably just playing and doing somersaults, and flips and such. Baby can also kick, punch and head b___t too, so it's possible that it's moving all over as well as punching and kicking you in different areas w/o moving. (by the way according to baby center the average length at about 20w's is about 10 inches so it can kick/punch in areas that are not right next to each other).


JessC531 - February 22

Thanks girls. I'm only 17 1/2 weeks, so I thought I was too early for this. I really did have flutters... just the once I thought I felt them. And now this! It's crazy! Is that normal? I feel like I'm crazy and imagining the whole thing... but I don't think that's possible. :)


JessC531 - February 22

Sorry... I meant I really DIDN'T have flutters... just went straight to kicks.


JolieLucker - February 23

hey jess im at 19 weeks so im right ahead of you... i felt her kicks super early too about 17wks, i also can feel her poke out of me when she lays in some areas i rub her little back when shes like that... give it another week... it get sooooo much better!!!



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