Thin Umbilical Cord

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Precious - February 21

Quick question.. my sister in law got an ultrasound done n they found out that her umbilical cord is too thin. she is almost 6 mo. pregnant and her baby only weighs 6oz. she has gain enough weight but does anyone know any risk for that? her baby is pretty small. but he does get enough nutrients to survive so the doctors says.. has anyone had this happen to them before ??


QueenBeeMama - February 21

hi Precious, no, I've not heard of that b4, but there are so many things that can be different for everyone in pregnancy. It sounds rea__suring that the doctor is optimistic. I know that the healthier she eats, the more she rests and if she keeps taking her vitamins it will help to optimize her baby's growth.


LN030905 - February 21

Hey Precious! I did a google search online and from what I can see a thin umbilical cord will not cause any direct genetic problems with the baby. The best thing they should do is to monitor her often to make sure the baby is still doing alright! I read this is very very rare, but with monitoring things should turn out fine!


kay101 - February 21

A thin umbilical cord can cause a baby to be small for it's gestational age at birth and increases the chances of distress during delivery. Worst case scenerio.......her baby is a bit on the small side and she ends up having a C-section.


Precious - February 21

thanks for your respond.. i did read some info about it. I was just wondering how the baby will be i know it says the baby will be small. But while it grows after age while he still be small for his age? or is just from birth


kay101 - February 21

Just a low birth will only matter for a short period of time, not when he's older. He might be say.....the size of a 5 month old baby at 6 months as far as height and weight go. When he gets older a few weeks difference in size won't make a difference.


saddenedexpectantgrandma - February 22

Here I am a mom of two 'adult children' in their 20's and I am reading about all this high technology that everyone has at their fingertips, yet, it seems like things still go unanswered. Hi Precious. I have been GOOGLING everything under the sun including umbilical cords since my daughter lost her baby at 5 1/2 (approaching 6 months).My daughter had 'morning sickness' day & night for over 3 1/2 months and just started to feel better when things happened :( I would like to read more posts and see if you find out anything about your sister in law's baby's health. I wish them both well. Precious, you're going to make a wonderful aunt :)


Precious - February 25

Thank you so much. and im so sorry about your daughter. I am too pregnant, my sister in law is 1 mo. ahead of me. I just wonder about her. But at this moment she is fine she's gaining alot of weight but non of her wieght goes to her baby. she's close to 6 mo, and yet the baby is still around 6 oz. Normally her baby should be a pound by now. But im hoping for the best. im 1st time mother so lets keep depending on tech n internet! :-)!!


arlewis23 - March 14

I do not know if this will be very encouraging because i do not know much on the subject but my son had the same problem and we did not find out until the emergency c section but he is a very healthy and active 16 month old. he is tall for his age but he is still very skinny. but again he is healthy and very active. so for what it is worth that was our experiance.


MomeeOfFourandExpecting - November 30

My daughter had a problem with the umbilical cord. She was born at 38 weeks. She was only 5 lbs. And 17 inches long. Very small for38 weeks. She is now 14 months and only 16 lbs 28 inches. Doctors don't know if she will always be small or if it will just take her longer to catch up. My other children were always off the charts. She is very healthy just small. Good luck!



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