Things That Make You Go Hhmmmmm

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hhhmmm - December 2

has anyone else ever noticed that when a parent is upset over the s_x of there baby, it's usually because it was a girl, rather than a boy? why is that? it's almost as though we are placing less importance on our own s_x. I'm not digging at any parents that feel this way. you can't help what you want and it's perfectly normal to feel disappointment when things don't work out that way. just sitting here wondering to myself and thought I would post the question. what do ya'll think?


Tess - December 2

I wouldnt mind either way. This is our 1st pregnancy and Im having a gut feeling that I might be carrying a "girl". I know in some culture (ie. chinese)they would want their eldest to be a "boy" based from my friends experienced.


Christi - December 2

You have a point. Actually in my case my fiance' wants a little girl... so far thats what they are telling us that it is. I want a little girl too... I will love it just the same if it is a boy, but I think personally I would feel more comforatable with a girl... we have the same parts... I have often laughed at the thought of me trying to teach a little boy how to use the potty... I dont know how to function a p___s... I've never had one... except for my fiance' and I defiantely dont help him "potty". I dont know much about little boy toys and games... frankly little boys are but little girls... dolls and sparkles and castles and things of that sort... I know all


to hmmm - December 2

My boyfriend & I really didn't care either way. It's a boy, incidentally... but had it been a girl, we'd both been equally as happy. We just wanted it to healthy. And we're gonna treat him the same way as if he was an xx chromosome instead of xy... that is, he's still gonna wear green, yellow, brown, white, purple, red, orange... and he's still gonna wear animals & trees on his little baby clothing... and he's still gonna have the same unis_x name we picked out for baby when we first found out I was pregnant. And whatever baby wants to do with his life, he can do, whether he wants to be this profession or that, whether he wants to play with these toys or those toys, whether he wants to play sports or not, whether he's straight or bi or gay or wants to have a s_x change. We're not kidding. Children need to be loved & nurtured & listened to & not indoctrinated. That's our opinion.


hhhmmm - December 2

I don't think there are very many cases of a parent "treating" the child with any less love once it is born. I was just kind of pondering why when there "is" disappointment regarding the s_x, it's usually because it was a girl rather than a boy. instead of vice versa. not that there aren't cases of just the opposite as well. just thinking out loud I guess.


Cabbie - December 2

With my brother in law's second child (first is a girl), he called to tell us the s_x and his comment was, "Well, its a girl. Not as good as a boy but we'll take it." I was furious. I am a mother of two girls. I erupted and said, "Congratulations, but if I ever hear you talk like that again, I'll kick you b___t." He got off the phone really fast. I was really upset with him. They are pregnant again with their third like us. His wife told me that they had actually discussed genetic testing, but I have no idea if they went through with it or not. They are convinced this is a boy. I could not imagine being disappointed at having a healthy baby. Both my kids were clomid babies so we waited for a while for them after trying. Now I have had three miscarriages since then. It really makes me mad to see people be greedy and not just be happy with easily having a healthy baby. Wow, I'm really ranting!


to cabbie - December 2

No, go on with your rant. I have one, too. My mother-in-law is so disappointed we're having a boy. She was trying to convince me that what had been blatantly obvious to 3 people in the sonography room might be a mistake. Right. The sonographer scanned our very active little boy several times over, and each time he went back to baby's underside, we saw the same exact shape of little b___s & p___s. Duh. I can understand if she's disappointed about something, anything.... but my partner & I are quite happy, & she really just needed to keep her opinions to herself. A simple "congratulations" will do fine, or else people can just keep their mouths shut really. *End rant.*


Lisa - December 2

I think this goes way back in history when males were placed higher then females; men inheritied the lands and t_tles, the women were given a dowry to try to find a good match. I am having a girl and was so happy, I wanted a girl for my first child and I got my wish. People for some reason are still stuck on boys; look at China.


susan - December 2

Boy - Girl, honestly who gives a .... Whatever happened to HEALTHY ? I have 2 boys and I don't care what s_x the baby is this time around - all I want is a healthy baby. Some people are just plain stupid, they act like they are going shopping and get all mad if they got a red shirt instead of a green one.


to Susan - December 2

lol, very true. It bothers me that people are on the edge of their "pink or blue" seats with their future children. Why force feed someone some strange, made-up ritual that really has no logical basis? Kids love to rebel against anything they are indoctrinated into. I think these parents who care so tremendously about their child's private parts are setting themselves up for disappoint either way.


Katie - December 2

Im 18 weeks today and I find out on the 12th what Im having. Yes I want a boy only because I have a huge family and it's all girls. Out of 15 grandchildren their are only 2 boys. So not only would it be a change for me and my boyfriend who has 3 sisters and 0 brothers it would be an experiance for our families. But wanting a boy so bad means it will be a girl which is fine because she would be easier to take care of because I know more things about girls than boys and I would have so much fun with her. But a boy would be fun too!


Lisa - December 2

Susan, I don't think there is anything wrong with wishing for a girl or a boy. Of course everyone always wants a healthy baby; but you make people sound like they are awful for wishing for a boy or a girl.


Jodi - December 2

To Lisa, I think what she meant was..How can people get so angry at the idea of not getting what they want, but instead be happy that their baby is healthy. I know a girl who said she doesn't want her baby b/c it's not a girl. She only has one boy. this will be her second. I found out today that I'm having a boy, I'm so happy, but I'm more relieved at the fact that he is very healthy!!! I had a m/c this past may and all I pray for is a healthy baby, but I'm thrilled to be having a boy. it's my first.


Lisa - December 2

Well, that sounds better. I would not get angry and not want my child is she happened to be a he. I can see the point from that angle. Congrats on your new baby boy! :)



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