Think I M Going Crazy

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Erin - October 11

Is any one else having a hard time emotionally? I am so mean to my B/F and he doesn't do anything to me, I'm slowly killing our relationship and sadly don't know how to stop myself...if anyone can give me some advice I would really appericate it (sorry my spelling is awful) Is any one else having my problem? I need help before its to late.


elizabeth - October 11

I have trouble with this all the time with my boyfriend..he could be sitting there and ijust go off on him and dont know i kinda get away from that is go somewere for a while were im alone and let myself calm down..i dont know why this happends, just horomones. good luck..i know what ur goin through


Christi - October 12

I know what yor going through. I am so horrible to my boyfriend, and I dont mean to be. I feel like I am ruining things with him... but amazingly he understands. Talk to your man and tell him how you feel... tell him your bothered.... I think it would help you both... He might understand more that its the horomones and not take it personally. I had to tell my boyfriend that I am extremely emotional....and to please bare with me... he has so far.... even when I think I'd leave Hong in there, you'll be fine.


Leanna - October 12

Yah, these hormaone have me crazy too. But, there are somethings you can try to do to help make the situation better. For one, everytime you realize you have just been evil to your b/f, you must and have to apologize. tell him you are so sorry and have no idea where that came from, and then remind him that it was probably your hormones fluctuating. Then, when you fin dyour self in a moment when your not being evil, take that opportunity to tell your b/f how thankful you're for his love and undertstanding during this time, and tell him again how you are sorry for all the times when you have been nasty. This will help fill his love tank so that when you lash out on him 5 mintues later, he won't feel completely empty b/c you stock piled up the love before hand. Also, by just being as comunicative as possible, it will make it easier for him to understand that you are just totally chemical these days, and the real you is still alive just buried under hormones. Also, try to remember, he has free will in this life too, so the worst that could happen is he decides he doesn't wan to deal with your meanness and he could leave you. Eesh-scary but some people can only take so much abuse you know. By you reminding yourself this truth, it will make it so much easier to say your sorry and express emotions of grat_tude for his patience. Good Luck


Blueyeskon - October 17

Erin, I think you have a wonderfull boyfriend, the reason why I'm saying that is because my husband yells back at me and doesn't understand what I'm going through, so anyone with those kinds of men are considered lucky..:)


welcome - October 17

welcome to the world of pregnancy and hormones sweetheart, I have abused my husband so much my family members are ready to throw the poor guy a pity party, I have lightened up though, just try to explain to him that you know you are being horriblye to him and try a few times a week to be really sweet, I am in the same boat!



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