This Is Crazy

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Ana - May 17

Have you ever heard of a women being pregnant and not knowing it?? I mean, come on. I keep haering about story of women not knowing they wern't pregnant, I mean, you feel movement and kick. There is also a huge belly in front of you. Have you ever heard of women having periods the whole time? If you have a story, Please share. I would love to hear it.


<Amy> - May 17

I don't know too much as it's my friends mum, she didn't know she was pregnant until the day she gave birth, she had periods i think missed a few but they came back so she didn't think anything of it. She was slim-ish and didn't show at all, they say thats because the babies is growing inwards instead of outwards, maybe cos of this you can't feel it. Anyway she gave birth to a healthy baby girl called taylor who is six now, the only difference is she is a lot smaller than children her age, not as in height but her body frame is pet_te.


Desiree - May 17

Yeah, I've heard of a lot of these things happening... my mom in particular had her periods the whole time she was pregnant.... i know alot of people don't show until later on if they are small... and then if their periods are screwed up its hard to know... some people are just lucky...


Melissa - May 17

My friend is quite overweight, 5"6" and over 250lbs, she found out that she was pregnant at 7 1/2 months. She really had no idea. She had her period the whole time, and did so for the remainder of her pregnancy. you really could not even tell she was pregnant at 9 months. I think it is because she is so large. She never complained of any symptoms and never felt movement. I know it sounds strange. I hardly believe it myself, but I know her. Maybe some people dont pay attention to thier bodeis as much as we do!


Ana - May 17

I felt my first baby at 4 months along. My second at 6 weeks alnog. My last at 6 weeks too. These are some amazing storys. It's just so hard to believe. Of friend of mine just found out she is 7 months pregnant. She is a small women. I am tall and medium build. I am still in shock! Well, I have a baby shower to throw. Thanks Ladies


Vicki - May 17

My cousin is a very big girl, and she said she started to get back pains and bad pains in her stomach, so she took a pregnancy test, and boom it showed up right away she was pregnant. she couldn't believe it, and she was also worried because of the pains she was having, she went to the ER...she told them that she just took a test that day, and they looked at her like she was crazy, then they told her she was already in LABOR. I believed her that she didn't know because we use to hang out a lot and she never acted like she didn't feel good, she was already so big, so her body didn't change...she had her son later that day, and he was overdue by about 3 weeks, his skin was peeling all over. I believed her then, but now that I'm pregnant and feeling all the feelings, I think she probably had an idea, but just didn't tell any of us, but she still claims to this day (her son is almost 3) that she didn't know...


Lily - May 17

My aunt used to be an ER Nurse before retiring. She told me the story once of how a larger woman came into the ER complaining of terrible lower abdominal pain. Well apparently no one could figure out what was wrong, so they gave her an ultrasound, and that's how she found out she was pregnant : When she went into labor!


sam - May 17

I am not a small women,but I know when I'm pregnant. I feel movement and kicks. I also had some bleeding. I think these women are in denial.


Davida - May 18

When I was pregnant with my now 10 yr old I was having a lot of gastric troubles and was seeing a physician and having tests done like scopes. I also contacted my OB because I had stopped having periods. When I went in he examined me and took some blood. He told me that if I did not hear from the office in a few days that I should have the prescription he gave me filled and take 1 pill every day for 5 days to start my period. Well, I did not hear from them so I filled the RX and took the pills as directed. When my period didn't come after 5 days, I was naturally worried and contacted the office again. The nurse was nervous as she looked through the paperwork in my chart and then she said, "I'm going to let you speak with the Dr.". I again explained that I had not gotten my period and he said to me, "You are not going to get your period because you are pregnant! Didn't you get a call from the office?". I told him NO! He put me back on the line with the nurse who offered to have me come in a month or so for a check and ultrasound which I refused! I promptly called another OB and contacted my gastro MD as well. My new OB offered to see me right away and the ultrasound showed I was 18 wks pregnant! I truly had no idea as I was taking meds for my reflux and having scopes and other tests. I didn't start to show until I was about 7-8 mos! My girl was born healthy at 9lbs and every day I am amazed at the fact that she is here and healthy! I regret that I didn't have the chance to know right from the beginning that she was here. Her dad and I never had that first moment when we realized we would be parents. It was a lot of worry in the beginning for us not denial.


Lily - May 18

LOL, Sam, I tend to think the same. I'm not a small woman either, and it was VERY hard for me to deny the way I felt the first few weeks of my pregnancy!


Alaina - June 6

not everyones pregnancey feels the same.So it's very possible not to know


Jackie - June 6

Yes, I know someone who was pregnant and did not know it. She had periods the whole time, but she didn't find out until she was five months pregnant because she got really sick one night while she drinking and had to go to the emergency room. I never have my period and I didn't know I was pregnant because I did not have any morning sickness. The only indications I had were my b___sts were sore and I was really tired, but that happens when you are going to start your period so I thought that's what it was but just decided to take a test anyway and it was positive otherwise I wouldn't have known until now when I am getting really fat.



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