This Is Fun

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Robin - November 19

There is a Chinese Calendar that will predict your baby's gender. For those who know the s_x, lets see how accurate it is!!!! It tells me I am having a girl and I find out in a week. It predicted me and my siblings s_x right for my mom!


jb - November 19

It was right for me. It said girl and thats what Im having. It was wrong for my friend though...


js - November 19

nope - wrong wrong wrong... It was wrong with my first born and it's wrong with this one. It predicted a girl and there was no mistaking the extra parts on the ultrasound!!!


omg - November 19

I'm so tired of this bs. Can't you ladies wait to find out a little longer rather than participate in self-delusion?


Monique - November 19

omg- it's just for fun!! lol! jeez....lighten up! It says BOY for me and at out last appt she said 75% chance BOY!! So maybe it is right.... still won't know for awhile.


To omg - November 19

Take your negativity elsewhere! Some women enjoy having fun in guessing what their baby may be. If your so tired of this "bs", then why do you read it and post comments? If it's too good for you, go somewhere else! By the way Robin, the calendar said I'd be having a boy and that's what I've been feeling all along. We'll see if it's right!


omg - November 20

duuuuuuh, right so I need to go elsewhere rather than express myself about the bs. Sure. Nice freedom of speech. "You don't like it, go elsewhere." Makes a lot of sense. Americans are retarded.


Robin - November 20

The calendar website says it is only 99% accurate, so there is that little chance it will be wrong. OMG: SO SORRY YOU CANT HAVE ANY FUN :( !!!!!!!!


Renee - November 20

It says Boy for me... and I have been feeling "boy" for a few weeks now... so this should be interesting to find out in January what the s_x is. :-)


ks - November 20

It was right for my first one (girl) but it said this one would be a girl too and the ultrasound clearly shows a boy - hoping the u-s is right! I guess it's right about half the time.


gee - November 20

right about half the time? I could do better than that chart just guessing. Geez, ladies!


Happy Holidays - November 20

You know i am really sick of reading negative, bigoted comments against Americans. I came off of the teen forum board because of all the hate and bashing there. Stop the derogatory comments please. We are here for support and friendship, not confrontations and to be insulted. I would never, ever come on a site for support and information and say "stupid british, or retarded french, or whatever"! God bless one and all.


HH - November 20

hormones anyone?


to hh - November 20



Cathy - November 21

It was wrong for me, it said girl and he is a boy


Jodi - November 21

Some people have no sense of humor or fun. I found out that the best way to shut them up is to ignore them b/c as long as you're not feeding fuel to the fire, it won't keep burning. Let them post their rude coments, what do we care? Poor girl just doesn't know how to have a good time. No one's saying that we can't still have fun with it, right? The chart said a girl for me and I wil find out on dec 2nd. good luck ladies!


Brittany - November 22

it was right for me!it told me i was having a GIRL!..but it seems like it tells everyone a girl



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