This Is Number Two Four Years Later And I Feel Unprepared

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jesnewmomagian - June 19

Anyone else have a baby with this kind of space between I feel like a first time mom agian my son was so smart and quick he practically potty trained himself and now I've got a baby on the way my midwife said maybe two we'll kow more in a few weeks and I feel like an undereducated goon. So I guess any advice or thoughts would help. Thanks


cmfqueens - June 19

Oh girl dont feel bad!!!! This is baby number two for me too and my daughter will be a month shy from eight when my second daughter is born. I'm a nervous wreck! My daughter was so good and slept through the night almost roght away and barley ever cried. It was not our intention to wait this long, but i was diganosed with secondary infertility about a year after my first daughter Angel was born. And after years of trying nothing happened. Well when we stopped putting effort thats when it happened. I found out Feb. 17th. and we are stoked, but very nervous, so feel free to caht it up, cause we are in the same boat I'm just a little furthur out in the water, hehe.


cmfqueens - June 19

I meant chat and right. :)


lexy - June 19

hey, i am having my second one and by the time he/she is born, there will be 6 years in between. i didn't even keep any of his baby stuff...didn't plan on having any more. so i have to start all over.


annie24 - June 19

hi, im pregnant with my second now with a 6year gap. he is really looking forward to helping out with nappies and bottles so i think an age gap is great.gave him my full attention for 6years and now when hes at school the new baby can have more or less of the same attention.


lexy - June 19

that is how my little one feels now, annie24. he is excited to death about the new baby and is telling everyone around, whether we know them or not!! it is ok though, just glad he is happy!


San_dee - June 19

my gap isnt as big but i feel the same. My son will be 2 when this one is born. Im starting to freak out about having 2 children. Im feeling so frustrated, as my son is hitting the terrible two's..i think, im a broken record.. dont touch this.. etc etc, he wont listen, i actually look forward to when he has a nap.. is this normal?? i've tried asking family members for advice and they just seem to think its funny, i dont. hes been really good till now, and these raging hormones dont help at all, i feel at a loss, does this ever end??


cmfqueens - June 20

San-dee it does get better! And there is nothing wrong with you looking foward to your child taking a nap. Everybody needs some me time. I don't think it's funny either...things can become very agravating, fortunetly I did not have this problem with my daughter so they only advice that I can give you is to saty as calm as possible and if you need to take little breaks through out the day before nap time find some one who can sit with your child for 15 or so minutes and please do so. You must saty grouded for your own sanity and your two children even the one in your tummy. He/she can feel your stress and as far as the lttle two year old he will learn to react to a stressful situation based on how you show your emotion. So try not to freak and b__w up... easier said then done I know but like I said if you must it's ok to just walk away, as long as he is in a safe place (crib, playpen, etc, etc.) Do you use time out?


jesnewmomagian - June 20

Thanks so much I just feel like I am so not ready but its good to have people with common intrests and sandee my son is four and I still feel like a broken record and enjoy his occasional nap


San_dee - June 20

thanks for your advice, yeah i use timeout, i think half the problem is hes bored, with nothing to do, and i cant take him anywhere as DH has the car at work and its the middle of winter.... soo freaking cold!!!! He did enjoy the little walk we took yesterday avo, with hats and mittens in all!!! I think staying calm is the hardest thing


cmfqueens - June 21

WOW! Middle of winter where do you live San-dee? Try keeping his interest with arts and crafts like gluing some noodles to construction paper or something along those lines. Kids love to touch different textures at that age and plus it makes them feel like they are actually doing something great. There are plebty of things to do inside you just have to be creative. You should search the web a litlle bit if you need ideas...


San_dee - June 22

I live in New Zealand!! Our nice summer months tend to be around dec-feb. i bought some crayons and chalk, after eating the chalk, he was no longer interested, doesnt seem to be that interested in doing art. but loves the broom. go figure!!


cmfqueens - June 23

Oh wow! its hot as hell here I live in Orlando Fl, and its only gonna get hotter. Thats so wierd how our seasons are opposite.


lexa - June 23

Oh wow! I thought I was the only one feeling this way! I am 25 weeks along with baby #2. My son will turn 9 only 2 months after this one is born! I totally feel like I'm starting over again. This is my last one (definitely) so I keep saying..."i'm not starting over, I'm finishing". I'm very nervous about it all. Not to mention, we really do seem like we are starting over. We practically gave everything away and have to buy it all again. Sort of exciting at the same time too. My son was a great baby (I think he was the perfect baby all around). Happy, slept/ate great, easy to work with, loved people. I'm scared that this one will be opposite. Up all night, fussy, incosolible. I doubt I'll luck out again but am hoping:-) It'll be fun though! I think we will all be a little smarter this time around with everything.


BriannasMummy - June 24

Jes, I read your post and i thought that I was the one that wrote it. Im in the exact same boat as you. My daughter is now four and I am having my second. I was planning on having more children closer to my daughter, but it didnt happen. Just when we stopped trying and I gave away all of my daughters baby things.. IM PREGNANT.. Its funny how things work. Im nervous about having another baby, because my daughter is soooooo independant and Im going back to total dependancy. Ill cross my fingers and hope for the best.



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