This Pre Term Labor Thing Really SUCKS

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sassifras - June 30

So girls, I am now 26 weeks (still pregnant!), but this past Saturday morning I started to have contractions. I never had Braxton-Hicks with my daughter so I justassumed thats what I was having. Until they were about 2 minutes apart and pretty intense, the on call doctor said "No, that is not normal". So we drove to the hospital where they eventually admitted me , put me on a magnesium drip (YUCK) and fluids, gave me shots of terbudaline and steroids for the babys lungs, a shot of demerol(so nice) when they got painful, and I didn't see daylight again until today!!! They almost let me out yesterday but they started up again 2-3 min apart so they kept me. This has been really hard, I hardly got to see me 2 yr old and she has no idea whats going on. They said it was probably dehydration, its June in Arizona, people get dehydrated? So, after takling to the NICU dr, I don't want to risk anything. Strict bedrest it is, for atleast 2 weeks. So, ladies, keep me company!! I can only watch so many soaps before I will puke!


Jen - June 30

I am 26 weeks too and have been waking up in the middle of the night with lower abdominal pain, mostly on the left side but then it stretches over my lower belly. I am unsure if this is braxton hicks or just normal abdominal pain from stretching. Is there a difference? What soaps do u watch? lol


sa__sifras - June 30

The BH should not be regular at all, and should not cause pain. If you notice a pattern you should definitely call your doctor. I was sure I was going to get there and they would tell me I was crazy, but sure enough they were picking them up on the monitor every 2 minutes like I was. But, as long as you don't have more than 6 in an hour you should be ok so they tell me. And I haven't watched my soaps in a while, but I usually watch Days, Y&R, and Bold and the Beautiful. Days is getting so cheesy though, if I could sit outside without frying my childs brain I would love the sunlight!! So, maybe I'll suffer through the soaps:)


Neets - June 30

Sa__sifras, how mental! But you're out of the hospital now. So you were having contractions - what triggered the early start? Hope you're drinking lots of water - eating melons is another nice way to increase your intake :-)


HannahBaby - June 30

aw you poor thing how scary. I can only imagine how you are missing your 2 year old. Hope you are feeling better


snugglybugglys - June 30

My SIL had contractions early too, it was also because of dehydration. She ended up having a full term pregnancy. Good luck! :) Days is totally getting cheesy. Sad but true though, I watch Pa__sions too lol...which is WAY cheesy! :)


Lilu - June 30

Awww thats so horrible. I'm happy that everything worked out and you and ur bean are okay. Jen... are you sure your just not having the round ligament pain? I had that, when that happens just try switching sides. Aren't BH when your tummy tighens... they arent REAL painful but very alarms and scarey. Yeah... eat watermelon haha!! It's one of the top 5 fruit thats great for preggos. Do you watch GH? I love that show!!



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