Those Of You Who Know The Sex And Gender Prediction Tests

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preggosauce - May 6

Hey ladies!! I just took two gender prediction tests online and both say I'm having a girl...I don't find out the s_x until 2 more weeks...Those of you that know the s_x did you take a gender prediction test and if so was it right?! Just curious!! Thanks!


Kitty - May 6

They were all wrong for me I did three and they all said boy, I even thought it was a boy, turned out its a girl. But they were fun anyways. atleast you have a 50/50 chance! :)


divinelibra - May 7

they were wrong for me too. they ALL said it was going to be a girl. its a boy, 100% boy, and hes NOT shy. lol. i think i knew in the back of my mind it was a boy though. i am carrying very low and as yuck as it sounds, growing alot of hair on my belly. lol. i take after my aunt and all symptoms she had for her pregnancies, i have too. so that made it obvious too. they're fun and help you get past the waiting period. once i found out, time FLEW by. lol. it feels like we just found out i was preggo yesterday. now we barely have 4 months left.


ThePezChick - May 7

Every one I took was wrong in my case. All of them said I was having a girl, but my last ultrasound showed it's a boy.


taterbaby - May 7

I took a couple of gender prediction tests, looked at the Chinese calendar, had a dream about my baby, and my mother had a dream. All of these things indicated that I should be anticipating our first child to be a girl. As of last Tuesday's ultrasound...Its A BOY!!! Oh well, the tests were fun and we are so excited.


preggosauce - May 7

Well, it sounds like maybe since they both said I would be having a girl...I should think I'm having a boy hahaha....Guess I'll find out in two weeks!!


Lil Lady - May 7

Funny thing - I was convinced the gender prediction tests were 100% accurate until my lastest U/S! My first two said boys & they were 100% correct. I am pregnant w/our 3rd & they all said GIRL minus one that I found. So, I was convinced that I finally got my GIRL! But the U/S tech is 100% sure he saw a p___s, so it looks like NO GIRLS for me! BUT if it did come out a girl, then I know the chart is right for me & the tech was wrong LOL.


Erynn21 - May 8

Okay I'm the odd-ball I took them and all but 1 said girl, I had thoughts from day one girl, and before my u/s last month I dreamnt about the u/s tech handing me a piece of paper that said girl. I am having a girl, although there sure a lot of ney-sayers that say oh well I woulnd't trust those things. It's like trust me there is no p___s on this baby, we got a really good look. Whatever your baby is it will be great. Good luck.


Ddvinson3 - May 8

Well I've taken every test possible to find out the gender and they all said boy. Well tomorrow I have my 20 weeks scan and we are hopefully going to be able to determine the s_x so I will let you know tomorrow how correct they are.


JESS1980 - May 8

I only did one gender prediction test.....the Chinese Lunar Calendar. It was 100% correct. I am having a boy!


sa__sifras - May 9

It said I was having a boy and last week the u/s said girl. But with my first it said girl and thats what I had.


Evonna - May 9

I took alot of prediction tests and they all said 'boy'. Turned out i am having a 'girl'. Like Kitty said, they were fun anyways. I truly thought i was having a boy after getting the same results on all of them. = ]


Krista - May 9 almost looks like all those test are wrong...if they say "boy" then you should just figure you're having a! I took like 4 different test...they ALL said girl...I'm having a boy.


Ddvinson3 - May 10

Well hello again!! I found out yesterday that I'm having a boy and all the gender test said that as well. So I guess it just depends they do have a 50% of being correct ya know.



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