Those With Quot Feeling Quot About Gender Were You Right

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bubbasmom - February 4

Hi everyone. I am 16 weeks pregnant and have my 18 week ultrasound in exactly two weeks. My my son, I was positve it wa sa boy and was correct. With this one, I'm feeling girl. I'm just wondering if other mother's feelings about gender were correct. I can't find a statistic about mother intuition any where. By the way, I will be thrilled with either gender, I just want a healthy baby!


kendra.marie - February 4

hmm see withme with my daughter i was sure it was a boy (sure enough it was a girl. lol) now this time im sure its a girl (so im a__suming it will be a boy. lol) i have 11 days till i know what we are having im very excited. remember early scans at 18 weeks can say girl & really can be a boy; some boys dont drop till closer to 20 weeks.


Rachel29 - February 4

I actually did feel that I was having a boy, even though I really wanted a girl. I was right though. It did end up that I am indeed having a boy. I hear that Mom's are right about 70 percent of the time!


newlywed0915 - February 4

If your intuition was right the first time, then maybe trust your instinct. This was my first one, but my intuition said it was a girl...I was SO convicned it was! But alas, its a boy! Lol...its great knowing either way. I'm jsut happy he's healthy. ;-) ...and oh so cute moving around in there.


sarah21 - February 4

I was so wrong. I was CONVINCED it was a boy, to the point I was calling it a "him" and it turns out to be a little girl.


sarah21 - February 4

Oh and I had a preference for a girl, so it wasn't wishful thinking.


luckymenm23 - February 4

I felt with both of my daughters that i was having girls and i did, i didnt even find out with the 1st and i still felt she was a girl and bought girl clothes but kept the reciepts for incase but i was right. i feel again a girl but we will see on monday..i will let you know if my intuition is right...


gabby509 - February 4

I was very convinced it was a girl. I even had dreams about little girls and they looked just like my fiance. But low and behold it's a boy. And like Sarah said, I actually had preference for a boy but had convinced myself it was a girl. When teh tech said oh it's definitely a boy, I started balling my eyes out. I was reading somewhere that 70% of mothers have a maternal instinct telling them the s_x, but it definitely wasn't true in my case.


xvkx - February 4

They actually give a statistic about it on this site in the topics > pregnancy section... studies found that women were right about the s_x of their babies 76% of the time. With myself, I had the funny feeling it was a boy, and it was a boy. :)


disko love - February 4

hey bubbasmon... with my last pregnancy i was sure it was a boy and sure enough my motherly instincts were correct. this time i was positive i was having a girl. i even took bets that it was a girl. so last wednesday i went for my u/s and come to find out i was wrong!!! it's a boy.


ChattyKathy - February 4

I was right. With my last pregnancy I thought girl and I was right. This time, I thought boy and was right again!


margie - February 4

Well at about 10 weeks on I just "knew" it was girl, I wanted pink everything and normally I'm not that into pink, I had dreams about having a girl..well, my perfect 8 week old little GIRL is sleeping right across from me :-) I believe in instincts!


sarah21 - February 4

I actually feel kind of upset that I was wrong, lol. I feel like I have less maternal instincts or something. But DH's family and my family all said it was a boy so maybe that's what influenced my thoughts. Who knows? I am happy either way.


luckymenm23 - February 6

ITS A........... GIRL!!!!!!!!! My instinct was right again :)


bubbasmom - February 6

Congrats on the gir, luckymenm23! I am still feeling girl but will find out n the 18th (hopefully the baby will cooperate). The 18th seems farther and farther away the closer it gets - I am sooo excited. I will let you know if its a boy or a girl.


HeatherIsHopeful - February 6

I was one million percent sure I was having a girl, even DH thought it was a girl... US confirmed... its a girl! :)



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