Thoughts About Pregnancy

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lizzywojo - April 9

i have had 2 mc's in the past 1and 1/2 yrs and now im preggo again im 14 weeks heard the heartbeat and everything i do im scared about losing this one the doc told me im ok and my chances of having another mc is less then 5% am i ok to worry HELP thanks lizzywojo


falafal0 - April 10

I'm sorry for both of your losses of both babies - how far along were you? I can only imagine the thoughts that are flying through your mind with this baby. 14 weeks is supposed to be considered the 'safer' area of pregnancy. Many women choose to wait until this period is over is case of a miscarriage because it is more likely to happen in the early weeks. Please don't stress (says me...) because it will only put more strain on you and the baby. Try to jusdt enjoy every day and look forward to having your baby. As your doctors says, the percentage is very low, so there's a very very good chance you'll carry to term. I can imagine though that you are putting yourself in that 5% and just waiting...Find out all you can to bring that percentage down even more, perhaps resting more, eating better, no meds...I'm not sure, I'm sure you're doing that all anyway. Even the women who do 'everything' right still lose babies, there are simply no guarantees. Try to relax and be in the moment instead of losing it to fear, although a fear that is very real to you. Take care and I wish you all the luck and good things out there...


SuzieQ - April 10

I can totally identify with you. I've had 2 m/c's in the past year and a half too, both in the first trimester. I am now 15w1d and still not quite able to believe I might have a shot at having a baby. The only advice I can give is to let yourself be happy, enjoy what you can about your pregnancy and thank your blessings that you have heard a healthy heartbeat! The odds are with you to have a baby :)


Kim L - April 10

Hi Lizzy: I am also in your boat and Suzie's. 2 miscarriages in the past year, and currently almost 15 weeks pregnant. It's scary, but I think Suzie is giving you good advice - just enjoy all the things that you can and let yourself be happy. Your baby is doing great @ 14 weeks and that's a great sign! Hang in there...


crisy - April 10

Hey Lizzy. I am so sorry for your losses. I had an m/c last April and now I'm pregnant again. I made it to 26 weeks so far and I'm still scared. I know that doctors can be insensitive to the way we feel. They cannot possibly understand what you went through. I don't think that the fear will ever go away and sometimes it's difficult when the people around you don't understand that you are scared and worried. I still get nightmares and I panic at every pain that I feel. I wish you all the best and I want to tell you that you are not alone. There are quite a few of us who understand you and know exactly how you feel. I will pray that this pregnancy will be successful for you. Hugs to you and your little baby.


lizzywojo - April 10

thank you to all of you i have not been scared with this one i dont stress myself and i pray every night asking to make sure my little one is ok the soon to be daddy is helping me alot this is his first baby i have a 3 yr old now but masybe it was just my surroundings i feel so good everytime i feel my little flutters i know my babys alright and im popping out hehe so i know this one will be ok i have an under 5% chance to lose this ine so we all got great and wonderful gifts coming to us god bless all of you thanks lizzy:)


Been There - April 10

I've had one m/c and I completely understand the fear. Today I'm 23 weeks and EVERY DAY I question whether I feel the baby moving enough or if his movements are strong enough. I poke him sometimes just to get a rise out of him and make myself feel better. I even have ultrasounds every 3 weeks, followed by hearing the heartbeat through the doppler. Those are the times I'm most sure everything is okay. But I still worry in between. I don't know if this is your first, but this is my third. I'm telling you that the worrying has just started and will last a lifetime. Therefore, it's not only okay that you're worried, it's par for the course. Hang in there.



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