Three Small Questions

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sarah m - August 12

Has anyone been able to hear their babies heart beat with a store bought doppler at weeks 21 through 23? If so then could you tell me the best kind. - Also, I am between 21 and 22 weeks, and I had a really good 1st trimester, but now in the mornings after I eat I feel very sick like I am going to throw up. Is this normal? ....the last question may seem kinda dumb, but I just the other day I started feeling out of breath. Will I feel like this throughout my pregnancy now, or will it go away, and what causes it? Thanks everyone!


Ca__sie - August 12

1) I do not have a dopplar at home. 2) Since the second trimester, I have felt very tired after eating breakfast each morning... not sick though. However, I do have a very sensitive gag reflex now that I didn't have in the first trimester. 3) It is normal to feel out of breath at this point. I'm about 23 weeks and feel that way sometimes too. I think it is because the uterus starts moving up further, making less room for the other organs in there. For me, I also feel that my b___sts make it harder to breathe since they have grown in the pregnancy. I was a B before and now I'm a D... maybe it's just me, but they sure do seem heavy! I think we'll probably feel a little more out of breath than usual for the remainder of our pregnancies. Someone can correct me on this if I'm wrong though.


Christine - August 12

I don't have a dopplar at home, though I've heard the ones you can buy don't work well on everyone, you are better off renting one... I'm 22 weeks and had a rough 1st trimester, about a week ago, when I wake up I'm hungry but when I eat something I feel sick.. I've noticed if I don't eat right away and can hold myself off for another hour or so, I'm fine.. it's really weird.. the only shortness of breath i've had recently is walking up and down the stairs at work, and walking outside in this 100 degree weather! But I definitely agree with Ca__sie that we'll feel more out of breath for the remainder of our pregnancy.


nana - August 12

I have a doppler and I am hearing it fine at 13 weeks. I heard it at 11 weeks at the doctors and then decided to rent one.


sarah m - August 12

Thanks! - Nana, what brand of doppler is it?


BIA - August 12

To those of you who are still having morning sickness...when are you taking your prenatal vitamin? I was suffering from gaging and vomiting every morning (even if I ate a piece of toast or crackers), but as soon as I quit taking my vitamin, it all stopped. I now take it just before I go to bed and feel great every morning. Good luck!


Simone - August 13

Not taking my prenatals with any regularity so, I am sure they have nothing to do with my morning sickness which is brutal.


Kristy - August 13

I have a doppler at home, and I still cannot hear my baby's heartbeat. I am 21 weeks. I think it depends on how good of a doppler you have. I think I have the one called "bebe sounds". The package says that you may not be able to hear it until 7 months, so I have not been worried. Especially since my doctor seems to hear it fine :) I also feel out of breath easliy too, and mine has just started recently too.


nana - August 13

I rented mine online from stork radio...the first one for 30 dollars.


Sarah - August 13

Hi Sarah, I'm Sarah too. I will be on my 22nd week tomorrow. I bought the "bebesounds" used monitor on Ebay with shipping and everything for less than 10 dollars. I was 19 weeks, and the very first day I could hear the heartbeat. After that, I haven't been able to hear the heartbeat, just strong kicks, and that makes me feel good. Now, about the shortness of breath: When you lay on your back, the baby weigh makes pressure on your blood vessels, blocking some oxygen. That is what happens. Naturally, your body needs more oxygen anyway.



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