Throat Burning And Sudden Urge To Puke At Night At 27 Weeks

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izechsmama - November 27

Hey gals... so i'm up right now, didnt have this problem with my son... but i had to get up out of bed because my throat was literally burning and i seriously thought i was going to throw up.... i came out to the kitchen and ate, but the sensation is still there... my entire esophogus feels like its on fire right now... its a constant feeling and its more annoying than anything... like i said i didnt expierence this with my son... i was thinking that it was probably related to the way the baby is sitting and how far up he is at this point, the top of the fundus lying on my stomach causing indigestion.. but nothing is making this go away!! i thought if i had stomach acid if i ate something it would be better but not so much... any suggestions??


Mel Page - November 27

Welcome to the heartburn club babes, till about 3 weeks ago I never once in my life experienced this before, it's awfull and YES very annoying and uncomfortable. I'm almost 27 weeks now.I find that drinking lots of ice cold water helps for me and if all else fails, I eat one or two tubs of smooth yoghurt, doesn't take it away but sure takes the edge off!!! .......YUCK. Good luck hun.


izechsmama - November 27

thanks for your comment Mel.. but i have had heartburn throughout this pregnancy and this feeling was totally different... i want to say it was how the baby was positioned.. but it was a horrible feeling... i felt like i was running back to the 1st trimester.... i'm fine now... but it was only when i tried to lay down.. and it lasted about an hour hour and a half..


mgn - November 28

are you laying on your back? i get nasuea if i am alseep and roll onto my back. i think it is the babys position as well. try laying on ur side and putting a pillow under your backside for support. i hope u find relief. u can also take tums if u need too and sometimes milk helps.


izechsmama - November 28

mgn, no i wasnt laying on my back.. i am one of those that cannot sleep on my back and then of course in the pregnancy now i'm at that point where i'm not supposed to lay on my back.... i havent had the feeling again since that night... but it was really wierd.. i talked to my sister in law and shes currently 38 weeks and has had similar expierences... she also believes its just due to how the baby was lying for that amount of time... but thanks so much for your comments.. i hope it doesnt happen again!!


sarah21 - November 28

Well it definitely sounds like acid reflux. When it gets really bad, stomach acid will backflow all the way into your throat, sometimes into your mouth, and will scorch it, leaving behind a raw feeling. I know because I have had acid reflux disease for 10 years. The only thing that helps is milk temporarily. You may try taking an antacid like zantac or pepcid and see if it helps-- they are safe during pregnancy. The baby was probably pressing on your stomach causing the overflow of acid. I hope it gets better and doesn't happen anymore!


izechsmama - December 3

thanks Sarah... it has been continuing to happen unfortunately... last night was really bad... i almost wanted to make myself throw up... it was horrible... i have a dr appt today and i'm going to ask about it.... if she doesnt tell me something different then i will try the antacids... thanks for your comments.. it truly sucks!!


izechsmama - December 4

well gals, i went to the dr and it is indeed pregnancy acid reflux... she wants me to try tums or zantac and if that doesnt relieve me than she is going to give me something better... last night was the worst its been so far... what an icky feeling it is to have something like that!! but anyways.. just thought i would post the results in case this happens to someone else!! thanks again for your help!



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