Thrush Need Advice Please Help

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susie - August 10

Hi everyone. I got put onto antibioctics there last week to help me fight having protein in my urine, but ive since come down with THRUSH in my private area, its really red and extremely itchy and sore and i was wondering does this do anything to the baby and when i go to the doctor on friday are they going to be able to give me something tht can take it away with me being 27weeks pregnant. Can someone help~? have yu suffered from this?


Help for Susie - August 11

Susie - Yes, thrush is common during pregnancy and can be treated - speak to your doctor. For those in the US that can help the US it is called yeast infection.


Kate - August 11

I haven't suffered with it myself, but I have read up about it - it's perfectly common to get thrush in pregnancy and your doctor can prescribe a course of antibiotics (the ones you get over the counter aren't strong enough), the only effect it can have on your baby is if you have thrush when you actually give birth, and even then the only thing that happens is that the baby can get thrush in its mouth etc on the way down the birth ca___l, but that can be easily treated. Hope this helps a bit.


Justine - August 11

Susie - my midwife said if I ever get thrush to take Canesten I think though check with your doctor. Thrush doesn't harm your baby - it just gives it a rash on the mouth at birth which is easily treated as Kate says. Someone on this site said that antibiotics can cause it.


susie - August 11

thank girls for the info... i was just worrying that it could harm the baby... it was antibiotics that caused it in the first place so im hoping that the doctor gives me something else other than them cause they dont usually agree with me.. how are you all finding pregnancy? when are you due?


Justine - August 12

Hi Susie - I'm due on Nov 8th so I'm 27 weeks too. The pregnancy seems to be going well at the moment - just getting the odd leg cramp and rib pain. Very happy to finally be in the third trimester. Am stopping work in 3 weeks time - can't wait. Also will move house then so have to wait before baby shopping. How's your pregnancy going? Hope everythings going fine.


Kate - August 12

Hi ladies! I think we've all met on the "UK" thread! I'm due on 4th December so nearly 24 weeks, pregnancy's been going great apart from the recent heartburn!!


tina - August 12

i think thrush is the same as a yeast infection. if it is then it's no big deal at all. here in the states, we can go to the local pharmacy and get Monistat and have it cleared up in a few days. i've already had a yeast infection in my pregnancy.


nana - August 12

I had a yeast infection (thrush) and I used monistat 7 - cleared up no problem and this is what the doc ordered. she was right!


susie - August 13

My doctor give me canesten and after only one day using it so far its brilliant


Lee - August 13

to keep healthy from yogurt on a regular basis...that stuff is wonderful and tastes great!!


susie - August 13

Hi lee. im addicted to yogart and it didnt work for me haha, mustnt like me that well haha



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