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wondering - April 28

I am 20 weeks pregnant and I am still trying to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy jeans. Will tight clothes harm the baby???


D - April 28

I don't know of the tightness harming the baby... but it can contribute to making varicose veins and heartburn worse.


Erin - April 28

I went and bought a few pairs of pants that were a size bigger than what I normally wore. It was much more comfortable, and didn't make me feel like I was Squeezing myself into my clothes.


monica - April 28

pregnant woman are so cute. be proud of your belly and sometimes if you squeeze into you pre pregnancy clothes you just look like you gained a few pounds but if you start wearing the maternity clothes you look pregnant and cute.


Kara - April 28

I also found that when i wore tight clothing, i felt ill and faint, loose fitting clothing always makes me feel so much better.


Amy - April 28

I stick with yoga pants. They are sooo comfy and still kinda cute. I bought some maternity clothes but don't feel big enough to wear them yet. Its up to you and how comfortable you are. I would rather be comfortable than fashionable. Good luck


Lissi - April 28

I was worried about this too, so to save myself any more stress I decided to buy maternity clothes. They do make you look more pregnant rather than fat, and it's best to be comfortable. I couldn't stand the feeling of my jeans pressing into my tummy when I sat down.


C - April 28

How would you like to be squeezed tight all day long by something around your body...poor baby.............


Karen - April 29

why are you trying to squeeze into your jeans? Girl, go buy some preggo jeans. Kohl's has some really cute jeans by Oh Baby! Motherhood. They look really stylish and cute and they are so comfortable. You'll wonder why you waited so long to get them.


berly - April 29

I am in the same boat but 19 weeks I look pg and some have said I am carring the baby well but my problem is the x-small materinty pants fit in the belly but aren't long enough. What should i do?


Tarah - April 29

I can't even squeeze into my jeans anymore. I guess it's because I'm carrying my baby low. I can wear my jean skirts though! I just wear them lower! I live in Jax., FL, so it's much too hot to wear jeans right now for me anyway! Good luck getting some comfy pants! If I've learned anything in my 26 and 1/2 weeks of pregnancy so far, it's that comfort beats style by a longshot when you get a little bigger! Don't get me wrong, they do have cute maternity clothes these days! If you're not ready to do the whole maternity thing, which I can't because they're still too big for me, then just go up a size or two in regular clothes! =)


Heidi - May 2

I got these stretchy Levi jeans at Walmart for $16.00. They're tan and I can wear them to work since my other ones just are too tight now. They're size 4 and are so comfy and roomy and I don't look huge in them but yet there's tons of stretching room for months to come! And afterwards I can wear them with a belt :) or if I don't lose all that baby fat.



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