Tightness In Stomach And Abdomen

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Kathryn - December 15

I am 16W 5D pregnant. Yesterday and today I have had a tight / firm feeling in my lower abdomen. Also, my stomach feels sort or hungry, but too full at the same time. Has anyone else experienced this feeling?


maya - December 15

yes I get tight in the stomach often. I noticed it happens either totally randomly or after I've been walking for a while. not sure what it is.. to me it is a message to relax. I'm 18 weeks.


mel - December 15

i'm pregnant with my second. Sounds like you're having Braxton Hicks, ladies. I wasn't sure what it was with my first one until I talked to the doctor. Not painful, but sometimes uncomfortable. your lower stomach feels like it's hardening up. or to me it felt like the baby was balling up. as long as they're random and not intense or painful. it's perfectly normal


maya - December 16

Hi Mel. that's what I've been saying it is. braxton hicks. my only doubt. is that it lasts for hours. till I lay down.. is that still a contraction?


mel - December 16

I don't recall them lasting for hours. hhhmmm. but I do recall my doctor telling me that if they were bothering me, to lay down or put my feet up and they should stop. Talk to your doctor about it at your next visit. I've been told, not to become concerned with them unless they become regular and increasingly intense. You said you were 18 weeks? I know right thru that time (even with my second one this round) it felt like my stomach and everything was stretching, becuase I was "popping out" think that might have anything to do with it?


maya - December 16

@mel. I've called the doctor on a couple of occasions for concerns of abdominal pain. I never called because of the tightness though. the pains I described to him were aches in the ovary area. which he said was my uterus stretching and the ligaments getting stronger. then various pains.. stabbing pains.. aches.. which he said were just my organs accomodating the growth.. I dont want to bother him again.. :) but I do see him monday.. so I will ask him then to clarify all my aches and pains.


mel - December 16

well that's good that you're seeing him so soon. post back with what he tells ya and get some rest! :-)


to Kathryn - December 16

That all sounds really quite normal for pregnancy. Especially as you are getting along in your second trimester. My stomach started feeling cramped up around the same time (I'm 22 weeks now), but my hunger increased anyway. It's a conundrum for sure. It's recommended that you eat five or six smaller meals throughout the day, but that's tough when I'm so d__n hungry. I suffer if I don't though. It's called heartburn. There's less & less room in there for my organs every day, & I sure as f*ck can feel it happening. There are also days when I can *feel* the weight in my lower abdomen more than others; days when it's tighter than others. Could be Braxton Hicks... could just be the point where your stomach is about to start getting big.


D - December 21

I am 15 weeks and I have been having tightness of my lower abdomen.I have 2 children and have had 3 miscariges and think that its to early to be having braxton hicks. what do you's think,HELP please


lucy - December 21

im pregnant with my first baby today 18 weeks... i've been experiencing the same thing for about 2 weeks now where i can feel my baby roll in to a ball like thing in my lower stomach and it tightens for few seconds and then it relaxes again.. i thought that was just the baby moving around , but now i know from u guys its braxton hicks and i was wondering what could that be and when would they occur with me at first..


Dolly1985 - March 25

i am 35 weeks preganant about to be 36 weeks. and i have been having this tigh feeling in my lower stomache area for about a week now. i know its not a contraction becuz this is my 3rd pregancy and its none stop sometimes the tightness is sooo hard it hurts to sit stand or walk even to laydown at time. i'm worried that something could be wrong but my doctor says everything if fine! but this tightness is aweful!


c2beaudoin - March 26

Sounds to me like Round Ligament Pain... I'm 20 weeks now and I've been having them since I was about 16 weeks or so. I don't them everyday but when they come it's almost debilitating. The pain is so strong it takes my breathe away. I normal get them on one side or the other but never both at the same time. Mine last quite a long time like for hours and it's a constant pulling stretching dull pain on the left or right side. It's totally normal, just your body stretching and making room. Some people get them and some don't. Just think of it as your baby growing :) I normally lie down and put a hot compress against it and the pain will go away eventually, the more I walk around it just makes it worse. For me it was so bad that I had to leave work early on a couple of occasions.


sziszi - August 12

Im 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant,(first baby) i have felt braxton hicks before but im not sure if this is it. Im not sure if it would be early contraction either. *My stomach gets really really tight and hard rock and its actually really painfull, and from what i see braxton hicks isnt supposed to hurt. It comes if im sitting, walking, layingdown so i cant really do anything about it.I can barley walk when its like that. Last night it last for 5 hours maybe i had 5-10 minutes break and i have it today too but not as bad. Id like to know what this is i have been told it could be that im dilating....


KAYKAY28 - October 12

im 28 yrs old and i lost my baby back in 2010 and now i just finish my period 4 days ago and my stomach feel like its tightend up and i dont understand why....


Annbeth - December 15

Good day ladies I'm just looking for some opinions I'm 37w1d second child I've had this uncomfortable feeling like my tummy is pulling tight a lot more lately and its hard to stand up straight then not sure what it could be weird feeling tho, also my aunt is a midwife and last week when I was 36w they surprised me with a baby shower anyways she felt my stomach and to her it felt like I'm 38 w already the baby is so low, some advice please?



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