Tightness In Tummy

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ry - October 20

does anyone experience pain in your stomach-like a tightness or extremely full feeling? it is hard to explain but it is really uncomfortable. I get this at night. Do you think it is my stomach growing or is gas-i have no idea!


? - October 20

How far along are you? Could it be braxton hicks contractions?


Jean - October 20

I have them too - at 24 weeks. I thought it was just my uterus expanding. Could be BH contractions though! Not sure. If it feels like pressure on your cervix, that is a different story. This happened to me while taking a walk and it was sort of intense. My doctor said that if it feels intense, to stop activity, and if it continues, to call her because it could be a sign of preterm labor.


ry - October 20

i am only 15 weeks- i really hope its not bh, but it really isnt like a cramping feeling more like a "stretching" feeling across my stomach. i hate this because i am not going ot my doctors for another month!


Ronni - October 20

ry- I get the exact same feeling. I am 14 weeks /5d it feels like a tight stretching feeling. I get it in the morning when i wake up, and after i eat a lot(not a lot, but a meal) it is not by my cervix, more above my belly b___ton. I thought it was just stretching of my uterus and normal stuff. do you think it is something to worry about? it happens more if i am just sitting around not moving.


Jean - October 20

At 15 weeks, it is probably just your uterus and your stomach expanding.


Ronni - October 20

Thanks jean thats what i thought


nmh - October 20

I had this experience in my first pregnancy and now at 13w 5d have started having it again! The first go round my doctors told me it is just the normal expansion of pelvic muscles and ligaments. Hate to telll ay, but get used to it, just one of pregnancys aches and pains. I did find a very low heat heating pad placed along hip bones helped. Good luck to you!


Lindsay - October 20

Me too, same thing at night. I think its just stretching. I have very toned (or had rather) tummy muscles so mine hurt bad while they stretch, Im 19 weeks with my first.


Candy - October 21

I'm 21 weeks and I get that same feeling especially at night after I eat a small meal. I hate it. Its so uncomfortable I cant even move it feels like my stomach is going to explode. All I can do is lay down until it goes away which is mostly in the morning. I wonder why it does that. Could it be gas or uterus stretching?


Dana - October 22

I think it may be a combination of gas and stretching. Always seems to be worse at night. Probably cuz we have been snacking all day. But of course it's going to get uncomfortable, there is a human being growing inside of you.


Laura - October 23

Braxton hicks contractions can start as early as 15 weeks. So this tightening feeling could be them, even if it is not yet painful. BHs usually last for 30seconds to 2 minutes. If it becomes very painful or happens more frequntly, then its best to call your Dr. I am 17 wks and have had this happen a few times while resting. They haven't hurt but I am pretty sure they are BHs.


Ashley - October 24

Hmmmm, I wonder if it is BH I am experiencing? Every now and then it's like I have a rock in my stomach. I'm 23 weeks in a few days and when I press on my stomach I wonder if it can really be the baby because there is no give to the whole area. Wow, I wonder?



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