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sassifras - April 23

Any of you girls have a tilted uterus? I was wondering if this could be the reason I am not showing at 16 weeks since mine is so far back?


amyn - April 23

I also have a t_tled uterus, it is tilted way back, I'm 15 weeks, 16 on Tuesday and I only have a little bump. If this is your first they say you don't show for awhile. I asked the doc about my uterus and she said that the fruther along you get the weight of the baby will upright your uterus, I'm going to ask again this week about my appt.


jenrodel - April 23

Hi Ladies! I also have a tilted uterus, although my Dr. said the majority of the time it will right itself with the weight from your baby. I was 16 weeks yesterday, and have a fair bump! I had to retire most of my clothes as I could no longer do up my b___tons! I bought my first few maternity items yesterday. I'm not sure if this mean my uterus has righted itself? I guess I won't really know until the ultrasound? I hope everything goes well for you all!


Nerdy Girl - April 23

I have an extremely tipped uterus, and have had 2 healthy babies. I don't think the tilting makes much difference, although I have heard it can cause more back labor. The only thing for me was that it was hard for the doc to hear the baby's heartbeat at first because I was so tipped back. After about 14 weeks or so, then it was easy to find the heartbeat.


sa__sifras - April 23

Thanks ladies!


GraceRenee - April 23

My uterus is retroverted and retroflexed, which means it tilts backwards and then folds over on itself. I am 14 weeks 3 days and you can't see any bump when I am standing up. When I lay flat on my back I can feel it though, just above my pubic bone, so I know it's there! Ha. And this is my 3rd pregnancy, so I was really expecting to show by now, or at least have a hard time with my jeans... but nope, not yet.


1Sttimemomy - April 23

i also have a tilted uterus and the doc. couldn't find heartbeat either but doc. told me that it doesn't hurt anything but i am 21wks and still not showing so i don't know if this has an affect on that it might


amyn - April 23

Nerdy Girl - Thanks for rea__suring me.. The doc hasn't been able to find the heartbeat either, but I'll be 16 weeks on Tuesday and I have an appt on Thursday so I'm hoping this little one is big enough for them to find the heart beat. Thanks :)


Lil Lady - April 23

Well ladies, I too found out that I have a Retroverted Uterus (Tilted Uterus). Nothing to be concerned about, although my Dr. said it may cause back pain, be hard to find a heartbeat or feel movement, but it's still normal. There is an advantage if you are a thin woman, like I am. I fortunately was able to hear a heartbeat @ 10 wks exactly via doppler. Faint, but she found it after searching & I'm a short & thin lady. Currently I will be 19 wks on Tues & go in for U/S on Wed. Good Luck Ladies!


Nerdy Girl - April 24

Good luck, fellow tilted ladies! LOL.



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