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Happymommy - October 28

Hi ladies! I thought that since we are everyday getting closer to having our little ones we could share some ideas that we have heard or used that will make mommyhood easier. So if you have great ideas, products, etc, share them here!


Happymommy - October 28

I use homemade baby wipes and they are much cheaper and much better for baby's skin because they have no alcohol. My first baby was a preemie, and his nurse shared this recipe with me, and said they are really good for baby's skin. You need 1/2 roll paper towels, 2 cups water, 1 tablespoon of baby wash, and 2 tablespoons of baby oil. You can either cut the paper towel roll in half and pull out the cardboard tube, or pull off each sheet and stack them. Put them in a plastic container, mix liquid ingredients and pour over paper towels. The liquid should soak all of the way through after a bit. Tip: Don't use really cheap paper towels, they do not work very well, I really like the plain white Scott. Also, I have seen recipes that use a little less water, so if yours seem too wet you can decrease the water a little. If you are at a stage where you use lots of wipes you can double the recipe. :)


Happymommy - October 28

One more tip: use a cloth diaper (the white ones you can buy in packs of several for very cheap) on top of your changing pad cover. That way you don't have to change the main cover quite as often.


kazforrest - October 28

Think this is a great idea. Im going to be a first time mum and will take all the help i can get.


Tory1980 - October 28

Don't buy scratch mitts - they never stay on. Use socks with tight tops to protect babies faces!!!


jennifer_33106 - October 28

This is a really interesting topic! Does any one know about that Diaper Genie thing and is it practical or would I be better off getting a trash can with a lid and scented bags?


corbin289 - October 28

I used the diaper genie with both of my kids and I will again with this one. It takes no time before they really stink and it cuts down on the smell so much! One think I have found is that the burp cloths they sell are very thin and leak through very easy so I use the cloth diapers. They are much thicker and the perfect size.


Happymommy - October 29

I also use a diaper genie and I think that it really helps with the smell-a worthwhile purchase in my opinion. Tory--I used socks to cover my lo's hands too! They worked better than the mitts.


Tory1980 - October 29

Happymommy, thank god for that! LOL! I used to get some strange looks in the hospital and then when I was out and about but they really work! Plus you can colour co-ordinate! LOL!


sarah21 - October 31

Definitely check into the baby slings/wraps. They are a life saver! Not so much the backpacks, but the wraps are fabulous. All of my nieces (I have 4) loved it and it keeps your hands free to do what you need to do. It is really nice in stores. It also allows you to adjust it to be able to b___stfeed with it. If you are planning on b___stfeeding, a must-have is the hooter hider. It has supports so you can look down and see the baby without other people being able to see all your equipment. :)


mgn - November 7

i heard the bella band is really great for pregnancy. i am thinking about getting one. it is a spandex band that u wear around ur belly and u can wear your non maternity cloths longer by not b___toning them and placing the band around your waist and it makes maternity pants that are big yet fit by holding the pants up. it also is great support for belly and back. anyone have one?


another Karen - November 8

This is a fantastic idea. My dd is 2.5 so I may not remember the things I learned with her until I'm there again. I b___stfeed her and had a terrible time with leaking and there wasn't a nursing pad, disposable or reusable that was any help. I ended up using the newborn size disposable diapers as nursing pads. I didn't think I was that huge but they actually fitted better and were less noticable through clothes than the awful "fried egg" look from these incy round pads.


another Karen - November 10

To avoid nappy rash, use corn flour instead of talc. My dd only got it mildy ans I thought I was doing the best thing by using bepanthem and talc, that just made it worse.


ashley.xoxo - November 18

I have a few bella bands, they are AMAZING!


ChattyKathy - November 18

In response to the diaper genie thing, I was building my registry and I've heard great reviews about the diaper genie #2 but not the first one didn't get good reviews, so make sure you buy the right one!


reneenay - November 19

The diapergenie is great...I used to be a nanny and used it every day. It works well and is easy to use. I also have a bella's great for fitting into those jeans you can't let go of!



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