Tips Or Tricks For Good Ultrasound

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Kelly K - June 6

I was just wondering if you guys had any tips for getting the baby to move in the right position for a great ultrasound (s_x detection). I'm having my 20 week scan in a week and really want to be able to find out what we're having. Any experiences that worked well?


Jenn - June 6

Just be relaxed, some women tell you to have a full bladder~ WRONG! I was about to bust when I went in and the Ultrasound tech told me that was baloney!!! She made me go to the bathroom before hand. I have also heard drinking a little orange juice or chocolate milk will wake them up and get them moving a little.


RG - June 6

I've heard to drink some caffeine about an hour before the scan. Mine is in a week and a half at I'm getting up around 7:00 and having some sundrop (for those of you not from my's like Mt. Dew or Mellow Yellow...they say they have more caffeine than other drinks) Good luck--I hope we can find out too.


Tracy - June 6

I drank a frozen coke from BK, and it worked like a charm. My son spread his legs so we knew there was no mistake. GL, and update us!!!


Camie - June 7

I had a really full bladder and my pictures were so clear I also drank a little bit of moutain dew and boy was he active!!!!


Lissi - June 7

Sorry, can't help. I tried the big gla__s of orange juice and lots of sweet things before my 21 week scan, but my baby just wasn't in the mood to put on a show for us. Try it anyway though. Maybe it'll work for you.


Belle - June 7

All I can say is make sure your bladder is full! It helps out so much. My tech thanked me for my very full bladder. She said it helps make things more clear. Of course I was in so much pain because my bladder was so full, I felt like I was going to p__s myself if she didn't quit poking around! But it was way worth it!! Good luck!


Lissi - June 7

There's no way I could have held it in if my bladder was full! They press quite hard. I've had a few unpleasant accidents lately, due to the pressure on my bladder. I wouldn't chance it.


Kelly K - June 7

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all of the feedback. I'm an extremely inpatient person and want to know the s_x as soon as possible. I'll let you know what happens on the 14th!


lisa - June 7

i was told to drink 64 oz of fluid.....i only got in 24 and it was did show what she had so we were happy. she is on the active side.


RG to Kellly - June 7

Good luck on your us, mine is on the 15th so maybe I'll drink some orange juice, coffee and mt. dew! :) I'm impatient too, but not nearly impatient as my hubby.


Amanda - June 7

Try just eating before you go in. My doc says that will wake up the baby.


Alena - June 7

I have my 20 week scan on June 13th and i can't wait. I was told eat a chocolate bar and drink some moutain dew! It'll get the baby movin!


D - June 8

Everyone says orange juice... I drink it every morning, though, so it doesn't do much for me. What really gets my baby moving is chips and salsa... the hotter the salsa, the stronger and longer the movement! Salsa with habanero pepper in it works best for me!


JustMomtobeof3 - June 12

Same here D! Hot and spicy is extra nicey! Our anatomy scan is the 13th. I intend to eat some spicy chick fil a and lemonade for the win. If nothing else, I'll love my lunch! :)



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