TLC Baby Born With 2 Heads TV SHow STRANGE

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Amy - October 20

OMG Did anyone see TLC last night around 9pm. A egiptian mom gave birth to twins, 1 can out normal and the other with 2 heads. I mean it was strange, the other head was called a parasitic twin and it was like a conjoined twin coming from her head going the opposite way, but no body. Wanna hear the strangest thing of them all.....even though this parasitic twin had no body, no heart, no nothing but a shared brain, it moved its eyes, mouth and had refluxes. But it didn't make any sounds. It shared a blood supply to the brain with the living twin. It was the most disterbing thing I have ever seen. The good news is, they did surgery and successfully removed the head of the parasitic twin and the little girl is now doing ok with minor brain damage. The parasitic twin did not survive, but the mom named her and buried her. Do a google search on it. It will blow your mind!!


MeM - October 20


wow - October 20

that is just disturbing.....poor little sweetheart...


shelly - October 20

I watched that last night, that was crazy!! It should remind all of us to count our blessing!!


jessielouwho - October 21

My mom was telling me about that. I DO NOT take our medical technology/specilaists/facilities for granted!


jessielouwho - October 21

Um, the reason I said that is because she told me the doctor saw no indication of that throughout the whole pregnancy at all. Not that it could have been prevented but everyone would have been a little more prepared.


Amy - October 23

I have done research on parasitic twins on google and got some really strange findings!! Long ago One boy with a parasite twin survived until he was around I think it said 6. And they are unsure of how long he would have survived because he died of a snake bite!! Also another strange birthdefect is fetus in fetu which is almost the same but the twin grows inside the other twin. The World is a Strange, Crazy place. I thank God everyday for the happy healthy children I have been bleesed with, I pray for a safe, and healthy prengancy and I am thankful for all that I have been blessed with in my life. And I pray for the strength for those who have to suffer through hardships, and heartache of losing a baby and those who have children with disabilities! Ok maybe to sappy!!



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