TMI Question And Probably Weird

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Sims1 - December 19

for the last couple of months since i found out of being pg, i've had on and off, itchy butt and itchy between the thigh and hoohaw area. not the hoohaw. i do have hemmroids but not really bad ones they just seem there and dorment, and i have ok stools not too hard. so i've been researching what the heck this can be and why, and i'm too freaking embaressed to say it to my dr, but think i might jsut have to. i've read it can be a rash, like eczema, or it can be pinworms.....which is quite gross and scary to me. does anyone else have this issue....and had it taken care of. mostly itchy at night.


mjvdec01 - December 19

When you are pregnant you can get bacterial infection that are pretty common and can cause itching. Don't be embarra__sed, it just happens. Go see your OB and I am sure he can do something for you.


cynthia3 - December 19

Agreed, yeast / bacteria, very common and can cause itching in those places. Definitely tell your doctor, he/she may be able to help.


goldfish - December 19

Since you have hemriods you should always keep preparation wipes handy. It not only gives you relief and is very hygineic too. this will also keep UTI at bay. defintely reduces itch ask ur doc if u can use it


denimbluez - December 21

uuugh this is horrible i have the same problem :o( except i dont have the itchy b___t lol just in the area right where my top thighs meet you call it.....hoohaw lol. i tried taking a bath in epsom salt once and it did calm it a bit for a day but it returned. need to call doc and see whats the deal and what i can do about it


sarah21 - December 22

Sounds like you could have a fungus in your groin (between thigh and hoohaw). Try some regular anti-fungal cream. You could also have some little hemorrhoids causing the itching in the b___t. I would use a wipee after each bowel movement and put some preparation H.



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