To Be Concerned Or Not To Be

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sexymama - June 23

that is my question. i am just over 13 weeks preg. and i eat well and healthy with a bad treat when i crave it. i take my prental vitamines and everything, but my problem is i'm always feeling weak. i feel faint and very warm. sometimes i get a headache because of it. i eat 6 small meals with lots of yummy snacks (eg. fruit, a cookie or two, home made smoothy, ect.) i eat well, i've lost some weight, but baby is growning well. my doctor didnt answer me when i asked her if it was something to worry about, so maybe you guys can help?


D - June 23

I lost weight up until around 18 weeks... then I'd gained all of 1 pound. But I've really made up for it - at 22 weeks, I'd gained 12 pounds (they did use a regular bathroom scale, since the office scale was broken, so I may not have really gone up that drastically)! My doctor said that she wasn't concerned about the weight loss at first - its pretty typical. What they wanted to see was for me to start gaining during the second trimester. I think it sounds like you're ok.


Julie - June 23

I was very weak up until about 16 weeks. Even walking up the stairs tired me out. I also lost weight in the first trimester. Don't worry. It will pa__s and it is normal.


Audrea - June 24

Don't worry about the weight loss. You are just now going into your second trimester and that is when the doctors look for you to start gaining weight. I had lost about 15 pounds in the first trimester due to severe vomiting and nausea. I was so turned off to food. My food aversions finally went away around 20 weeks and I began to hold down my food and finally had gained 1 pound by 18 weeks. Now I am 25 weeks and in 4 weeks I had gained 8-10 pounds, alothough I was swollen pretty bad in my legs, so not sure how much was solid weight gain. So for now I have gained around 10-12 pounds at 25+ weeks. As long as you eat and drink well, you should be okay, even if you don't really gain much in the first half of your pregnancy. You should also get some energy back in second trimester. I started feeling more energetic after 18 weeks. Now I feel great. Still get tired from time to time, but nothing like the first trimester. Keep your head up and hopes high, good luck to you with your pregnancy. Hope this helped.


mom4 - June 24

I'm 16wk. It feels like I'm dragging my feet to do anything. But it's getting better. Alsot, it does seem like some doctors choose what questions they answer. I've learned to keep repeating myself (even if I do sound like a parrot) until I get an answer. If you feel like you need to rest then rest. I hope you feel better!


Tanya - June 24

I understand exactly how you feel!! I was like that until I was at least 16-18 weeks prego. I was weak EVERY DAY to the point I could hardly get out of bed, and I'm a stay at home mom. I had to force myself to eat because everything I ate made me throw up. I gained weight, but VERY slowly. I was 100lbs at conception, and now I'm 22 weeks, and 124 lbs. I have my bad days, when I do too much, but it's nothing like the first trimester. Hang in there my friend, it will get better. Keep eating even when you don't feel like it, and REST, REST, REST!! I can't stress that enough. I hope you feel better.


Lindsey - June 24

I am 16 weeks and i have been feeling not pain but more like a little irritation in my stomach. Its at my belly b___ton and it feels like somethings poking it or maybe the baby moving or pulling the cord. Im not sure what it could be i was just wondering if anyone else has felt anything like this? If its the baby im more then happy to feel this but i dont want it to be something wrong.


LisaP - June 24

Hi, I've gotton the weak thing too. Some days have been worse than others. I am now 16 weeks and its not to bad. I have hypoglycemia normally, (which is low blood sugar). What I help do to control this is eat the small meals a day like your doing but making sure while you eat your fruit you eat some protein with it like some nuts or cheese. This way when your body burns all the carbs from the fruit It'll still have some back up energy from the protein which takes longer to break down than the carbs. Don't think you have anything to worry about my doctor told me she had the same problem when she was pregnant. Hope this helps!!


s_xymama - June 25

wow thank you for all the advice! you guys are way more helpful then my doctor! thank you again. it's very comforting to know i'm not the only one who feels this way. i was getting worried something was really wrong. well gl to you all and thank you again!



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