To Christy In Alberta Canada

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Erin - June 30

Hello Christy! Wow! I'm Alberta, also. And due in November. I am having twin boys. Where are you? I am in Edmonton, well, St. Albert really. I am off work on disability starting tomorrow and just bought a brand new laptop so I would love an e-mail buddy! Especially one so close! Talk soon and congratulations!!!


lilmum - June 30

hey, i'm from edmonton too. Twin boys! wow! What hospital are you delivering at??


lilmum - June 30

Oh duh, i guess if your in st albert you'll be going to the Sturgeon. I had my first child there, and plan to have this one there too. It is the BEST hospital. Being garenteed a private room is so nice. The kitchen is good too (hehehe, always has lots of food you and hubby can eat at 3am)


lilmum - June 30

oh ya! hehe, i have to keep my thoughts in order here.. it has not been easy lately.. i meant to say, im due in november too.. i'm not sure what my official due date is anymore, if it's the 20th or the 24th. but it's around there sometime..


Erin - June 30

Hi ladies! Wow...With twins you tend to delivery a bit earlier so if I go before the first of Nov, I'll be at the Alec. Anything after the first and I get to go to the Sturgeon. I was there with my daughter and it was like a five start hotel stay! I loved it! I really hope these babies cooperate and stay in until the second, at least. I don't want to go to the Alec. Have you seen their rooms? Yikes!


lilmum - June 30

yes. I like that at the sturgeon, the WALLS are even clean! I hope your babies stay in that long too.. but i'm sure by that point, you'll be begging them to get out! lol


Christy - July 4

Hello Erin! You can email me at [email protected]! I would love to have another email buddy!! It would be great you are sooo close! Talk to ya soon!


BUMP - July 9



s_xymama - July 9

wow i'm from edmonton as well!! 16 weeks along WOOT!!


Cher - July 11

Hi girls, I am not from Alberta, but next door (Sask) and due in Nov too. Actually I was wondering, is it legal there for you guys to have midwives? It's not here. I have to go to the hospital and ours sucks!!


To Cher - July 12

Hello. It's Erin. I've never looked in midwifery, but I was at a Welcome Wagon baby shower not too long ago and there were about three booths of midwifes. They were really "pushing their wares". I don't think they would be advertising themselves if they were illegal or anything.....



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