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Ani - August 27

I was just wondering when you ladies will have your baby shower? I know this has been talked about before, but with the holidays at the end of December, does that leave us with no choice but mid January....(maybe by them people will have money again..) lol..


denise - August 27

Hi, I'm due feb 22, 2006 and we are looking at having the shower in November. Don't want to do it around Christmas and in January you can't count on the weather. We decided it would be best in November.


Maggie - August 27

I'm due feb. 23, and I have no idea when I will have mine. I'm thinking end of January.


Ani - August 27

I was thinking mid-Jan end of Jan too...I hope it won't be too hectic for people to make it....


mandy - August 27

we are due feb 4th and we are thinking of mid october to early know with thanksgiving and christmas coming up and then in january is TOO close to due date, so that we in jan. me and DH can stock up on things we didnt get at shower. AND by oct we will know what little baby renfro is!


shelly - August 28

I'm due feb 24th and i'm having mine on jan. 8th.


Dana - August 29

I am due Feb 2. My first shower is going to be Oct 22 and the second on Nov 5. This way, they are before both Thanksgiving/Christmas and before things get hectic. I did not consider January because, I figure by then, I will have a little time to relax and finish everything before the little one comes.


mandy - August 29

i feel the same as dana!


S - August 29

I'm due on Feb 14th and we'll be having my shower on January 8th. Just you think it's better to know about your baby shower or be surprised about it? Due to some health issues in my family we felt it best that I know and I'm okay with it but I know that not everybody is okay with the fact that I know.


Melissa - September 6

Hi, I'm due feb 17th - we were discussing a shower just this past weekend and decided to have it at the end of november b/c dec/jan are just too much with xmas holidays and all.


Rhonda - September 6

i am due feb 6th and I will have mine at the middle of January hopefully everyone will be recovered from the holidays to come I am not having a bunch of people come just some close friends and family and I know they will come....


Hezbux - September 9

I know it seems early, but we are having one November 13 and one November 26th. Just the way it worked out. I am due Feb 11th.


Karen - September 13

This was really helpful because I just received an invite to a friend's who is due early December and she is having hers in October. I at first thought that was early, but you are all right with the holidays and everything it's probably best to do it sooner rather than later. Now I'm thinking mid November to Mid December would be best. I'm due 2/19.


Ashley - September 14

I'm not worrying about showers. My dh's family will probably have a shower after the baby arrives, and I have no idea what my side will do. I have a pushy aunt who will probably cordinate things and I'm going to let her.


Diana - September 21

My sister-in-laws are having my shower in mid January. We are in Texas, so ice and snow won't be an issue.


Miss Mary - September 21

my due date is feb 5th and we are actually going to chance it and have a shower Dec 10. November just seemed too early to me for some reason and january is to close for comfort. I live in Illinois so there is a good possibility for bad weather too. Oh well :)


Kate and Baby - September 29

Hi everyone. My mom is throwing my baby shower December 3rd. It is a really hard time finding a good weekend with the holidays. Good luck



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