To Find Out Or Not To Find Out

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Meredith - April 27

I'm 18 weeks pregnant. On Thursday my husband and I have our u/s we can find out the s_x if we want to but we haven't decided what to do yet. On one hand it would be great to know but a surprise would also be really cool. This is our first child. Any advice? Are you guys finding out? Why or why not? I've gotta decide by Thursday. HELP!


Leahp - April 27

Hey Meredith, My hubby and I went through the same thing, but since our entire family is convinced it's a boy the intuitive feelings were killing me!!! I have to know!! Plus after watching some of those programs on Discovery Health about labor and delivery, there are enough surprises during labor and birth, I would like to know something! My doc and my parents were trying to tell me to keep it a surprise since they're all old fashion, but hell!!! we have the technology why not use it!!! Also, it's makes it that much more fun to go shopping, I tried looking for unis_x stuff, I'm already tired of green, yellow and white! Good luck!!


D - April 27

to each their own! I personally don't want to know until its born. I think its one of the last great surprises of life that is still left! Unfortunately, I know just enough of what I'm looking for that I might figure it out from my u/s! My husband hasn't decided... so we may end up with some sort of compromise in the end....


Carol - April 27

We are split. I want to know, but my DH doesn't. He is sooo against finding out and doesn't want me to find out either - He claims that I can't keep a secret for two days. I told him the only person I have to keep it a secret from is him! We'll see. I am hoping that I can see enough pictures of other ultrasounds so that I will know what I am looking for and figure it out on my own. I am pretty convinced though, that it is a girl. Did any of you have a strong suspicion and it turned out right? I can't even imagine it being a boy - I look at boys clothes and say - oops wrong place I don't need those...


D - April 27

I suspect mine's a girl too... couldn't tell you why, though!


tara - April 27

I didn't want to find out what we are having but my hubby did. at the u/s the baby was possitioned so that the s_x wasn't visible! :o) so i got lucky. I really want to keep it for the labor just so that I have that last minute suprise. I really want to hear the Doc announce it in the labor room. Although before I got pregnant I always thought I would want to know asap - but changed my mind when we got preggo.


jb - April 27

With my first pregnancy I knew that I did not want to know. Now that I am pregnant with twins I am not sure what to do. My DH really wants to find out but I am not completely convinced. Any suggestions?


Tarah - April 27

This is my husband and my first baby and we couldn't wait to find out what we were having! I mean, if you really want a certain s_x and you think you might be disappointed if it isn't that s_x, the you should go ahead and find out, so you have time to get used to the idea. If you would be happy with either s_x, then waiting would be ok! Some people just aren't patient, like me!! I HAD to know!! I'm super happy knowing that we're having a little girl! Good luck with your decision!! =)


Lisichka - April 27

We found out yesterday, and wer'e having a girl. It feels good to know. I was starting to get cold feet about being a mother and worried about how I would cope, but knowing exactly what it is I'm having has lifted my spirits and I feel like I'm now bonding with my unborn child. I can't wait to meet her now!


erikkka - April 27

hi im 20 weeks preg and i thought i would kept it a suprise and wait till the baby gets here to find out what s_x it is. by the way when ur pregnancy is over u will know what ur baby is neway. it really doesnt matter what s_x the baby is we all love them the same neway. i think it's a lil more exciting to wait till the baby gets here. instead of focusing on pain while giving birth you could focus on what s_x the baby will be. i think it would make the labor n delivery go by faster,even if it really doesn't but the thought of a surprise:) helps


miranda - April 27

we didn't find out with our first and we aren't going to find out with this one either. It was just so much fun to wonder about it for so long, and when the day finally came it was such a wonderful surprise to have a little girl. We didn't regret not knowing at all, and looking back there was really no reason to know, everything works out.


Amy - April 27

My u/s is on the 9th. My husband and I are going to find out the s_x if the baby is cooperative. I am a planner. I like to have things organized and ready ahead of time. So I want to know so that I can be prepared. Also if you are worried about ruining the surprise, don't be. With my first child I knew it was a girl, but even as I gave birth to her, I was still surprised. The big surprise is waiting to see what your little one looks like. So to me, its not ruining anything. There are so many wonderful surprises in store for you and your husband. Good luck!


Meredith - April 28

I found out! It's a boy and we are so thrilled. I'm glad I found out it's so exciting. Thanks for your help and advice.


rae - April 29

I find out on the 18th and I can't wait.


Saydie - April 29

I found out just so i could be more prepared with the right color of clothes and such. If i was really rich and i could go out and buy every the day after i had the baby, i would not have found out. We just both felt it would be better that way. Oh yeah it is a girl



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