To Know Or Not To Know That Is The Question

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ahemann99 - April 10

I don't know whether or not to find out the s_x of the baby! I've always wanted it to be one of the great surprises in my life, but as I get further and further along in this pregnancy (18 weeks today), I find myself wanting more than ever to find out the s_x. Does anyone have any pros or cons when it comes to finding out the s_x?


EricaG - April 10

Well, in my opinion the pros of finding out the s_x outweighed the cons and I found out I was having a little girl a few weeks ago. the pros for me were: Could start to call her by name instead of "the baby", could start writing "she" instead of "she/he". Could buy things not just in neutral colors. But most of all I just felt so much closer to her after knowing, it's hard to explain. The only con I could think of was "what if they're wrong! =O/ " I had planned on finding out from the beginning though, I figured it's still a surprise wether you find out after 20 weeks of waiting or 40 weeks of waiting. And if they're wrong and it comes out a boy, well what an even bigger surprise. Either way I know we'll get just what God intended us to have. :o)


Steph - April 10

I found out with both my pregnancies. I am a huge planner, and I buy ahead (clothes) for different seasons/years when I find good clearance deals. It really makes a difference to be able to stock up on gender specific clothes as well as clothes for when they are crawlers/toddlers. :o) I also despise neutral gender clothes!


Erynn21 - April 10

I just found out what our baby is and it is a girl. I had the same dilemma before I was pg. but then I found myself needing to know. I already knew through intuition, but we needed the confirmation. I feel closer because I can call her a girl and know. It's your baby and your decision. I'm glad to know this way I get to decorate and don't have to have some gender neutral baby room, I can make it girly. Plus my friends and family can pick out things, knowing more than likely they won't have to take them back.


ataylor724 - April 10

I couldn't even imagine not knowing! We found out as soon as we could that we're having a girl. I think with pregnancy there are enough surprises, who needs one more? When s/he's born you're already gonna be surprised by what s/he looks like, how much hair s/he has, how big s/he is, what the baby will be like... all that stuff. Plus I agree that it's much better now that we can call her by name, it feels much closer and makes me cry even harder when Daddy says "goodnight Brooke" instead of "baby." I really couldn't think of a con when we were debating, there's so many surprises that who needs another one :)


SuzieQ - April 11

I'm not sure if they'll tell us the s_x here in Canada -I'll be asking my doc at the next appt! We figure that if we find out, good, and if we can't, then that's good too :) I'd like to find out, just so we can kinda plan things out for clothes and things. I know they're wrong sometimes, and I wonder how often !


falafal0 - April 11

Pros are more than cons - you can plan the colour scheme, work out names (which usually take ages to agree on), buy clothes in advance instead of getting the wrong colours or fabrics...but if you want the "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!", go for it...


flatstanley - April 11

When you are in labor you don't really care if it's a puppy so long as they get it out of you...FAST!!! It's fun to find out at 20 weeks or so...keeps you going for the next 20 weeks! It's also fun to find out but not tell anyone that you found out...then you & your husband can share a special secret for a little while! You can just smile when Aunt Sue insists you are having a boy because of how you are carrying, BUT you know it's a girl!!


3babies - April 12

I guess I'm the only one going for the suprise. We didnt find out with our boys and I havent found out with this one (it is starting to get very tempting though). I can see both sides of the story, but it's a personal thing I suppose. I also figure with my pregnancy hormones I would spend three times as much money buying all those cute baby clothes ... especially if it is a girl!


fefer1 - April 13

I always wanted to be suprised but once I found out I was pregnant I could not wait to know!!! :) It does help with the plannning too. We just bought a home that needs a lot of work and it helps to know how to fix it up. I love the thought of being able to call the baby a he or she insted or "it" or "the baby". And, it is still a suprise no matter when you find out. Why not take advantage of technology! I'm finding out this aftenroon..if "the baby" cooperates!


ahemann99 - April 13

Thanks for all the input....good luck fefer!



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