To May Mommies Out There

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missy - November 23

Just seeing how everyone is feeling? Is this your first or 2nd?? This is my 2nd and I feel pretty good, still tired (15weeks) this pregnancy has been totally different from my first. I cant wait to start to feel the baby move!!! Wish everyone a happy thanksgiving!! Take care.


Shannon - November 23

Hey! I'm due May 23rd and I am feeling pretty great! No sickness yet so I think I am in the clear. I am starting to show and into Maternity clothes already! Can't wait to feel those first movements! Anyone know of a cheap place to buy Maternity clothes online??


Katie - November 23

Im due may 5th Should start feeling the baby move soon:) Happy Thanksgiving:)


nessie - November 23

Hey, this is my 2nd too, and feel about the same. Not too bad, but tired! I think the tiredness is worse this time because I am looking after a 3 yr old at the same time - working wasa walk in the park in comparison! I'm 17 weeks now, and feel quite a bit of 'movement', not exactly kicks, but a lot of flutters and bubbles. Been in maternity clothes for a few weeks now - I blame it on being the 2nd, showing earlier etc... I am the same weight I was at this stage with my daughter but am definitely sticking out more! I must say though, I don't necessarily enjoy being pregnant... 2 will be it for us! Hope everyone else is doing well!


Brooke - November 28

I am due on May 20th. I am sort of in between maternity clothes and my regular clothes. I know what you mean by saying that you are tired. I have a 1 year old and I work full-time. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


Lora - November 28

Hi, I am due May 30th with twins. I am also in between maternity and regular clothes. I wear sweat pants at home, but have to dress up for work. Any suggestions?


Tiffany - November 28

I am due May 21 with my first and am feeling a little better. I still get a nasty taste in my mouth every once in a while.


taliyah - November 28

im due may 16. i still feel sick pretty much constantly even though im in the 2nd semester. it seems like it got worse now that im in the 2nd rather then the 1st. oh well. i have to wait till december 20th to find out if its a boy or a girl. im really excited i hope its a girl!


taliyah - November 28

haha meant trimester not semester sorry


Kiddolebel - November 28

Hi everyone, I am 14 weeks today, due May 29th. I too am in maternity clothes already, pants got a little snug around the waist. I havent gained anything either yet so that kinda confused me when I couldnt fit in my regular clothes anymore, heh. This is my 2nd child. My son turned 2 sept 7th so he surely keeps me on my toes all day. This pregnancy is sooo much more different than my first. I am more tired and more sick with this one. I never knew what morning sickness was until this baby, lol. Guess I got really lucky with my son huh. Other than being tired I usually feel pressure or cramping, nothing unusual. Heard the baby's heart beat last week and it was so funny to hear my sons response, he said "woooowwwww". Too funny. Hope everyone is feeling good and babies are all fine! Take care everyone. Oh shannon, i found that old navy has some pretty cheap maternity clothes that are nice. Always look at motherhood too when they are running sales =) Good luck.


Lacy - November 28

Hey ladies...Im due May 1st, with my very first baby! I feel great. I have been one of the luckies with NO morning sickness. I am 18 weeks today, and am anxiously awaiting the babies first movements! Baby dust to you all and happy pregnancies!


Tess - November 28

This is our 1st baby. Vert, very excited w/ this pregnancy. Im 15wks and 4days.


Amanda - November 29

Gap online has some really good deals. You can google sales codes and stuff to recieve even more discounts.


Mandy - November 29

Hi all! I am new to the board. Having my first...due May 27th. I am in-between maternity and regular too. I seem to be rounding the corner on the nausea (still a little Gaggy though). Has anyone else had TERRIBLE trouble with their Prenatals? I finally gave it up and switched to the chewable Flinstones. My Dr. and I will probably go rounds over that, but I just don't see the point in taking something that makes you that much sicker (and more miserable) than you already are. I know it is WAYYYYY to soon for this but I have been feeling movement (flutters/quivers at first-- now it's up to thumps occasionally) since like my 12th week. I almost hate to even mention that because everything I read says that especially 1st timers don't feel movement until the late 2nd and I wasn't even IN my second when I started feeling flutters. I suppose I could be a little further along but not by much. I had an U/S done and they are usually within a week by measurement. I already know that there is one super-active baby in here...the little booger put on quite a show for the OB, Nurse, and hubby during the U/S. Summersaults, kicking and the whole bit. Just curious...for the "veterans" of pregnancy...when did you first feel movement in your previous pregnancy- (ies)?


K - November 29

I'm due May 8th with first. Everyone asks if I've felt quickning or flutters. Now I'm starting to wonder I don't think I have and I'm getting a little concerned. Anyone else not feel them till later? I'm starting my 18th week.


missy - November 29

I started feeling baby move with first pregnancy when i was 16 weeks!! If you are very slender you very well could be feeling the baby moving!!!


Mandy - November 29

Thanks Missy-- Although, I don't think I am all that thin...pre-pregnancy weight was around 125 and I'm just a touch over 5'6". I was beginning to think I was hullucinating (sp?) K-- Has everything been normal on the U/S and Check-ups? Is so, I wouldn't worry...I read that a calm baby in the uterus would be a calm and quiet baby outside of it. I honestly kinda envy you... It sure feels like I am probably harboring a rock star or future convict in here!! ;)



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