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Maggie - October 17

I'm 21 weeks with my second child. With my first I did not br___tfeed, but I'm really considering it this time. I will be very honest, and tell you that br___tfeeding kind of scares me. I heard nightmarish stories of it being very painful, and you get no sleep at all. I know the health benefits for the baby, not to mention myself (I heard it reduces br___t cancer risk), but I need some more convincing. Anyone out there not have a horrible experience br___tfeeding?


Louisa - October 17

Maggie, I love b___st feeding. The best moment of my life still is the one afternoon while I was laying down nursing my son he stopped for just a moment, looked up and smiled while while squeezing my finger. It was by far the most beautiful experience I've ever had. The love I felt at that moment was so overwhelming!!! My next little boy is due february 20th, I'm so excited at the thought of creating that kind of bond again. There is some pain when your milk comes in but thats only for the first few days. The great benenfit of nursing is the milk is always ready to go and the right temperture. No bottles to clean or prepare for those night feedings. My first son was premature so I ended up nursing him until he was 18 months. Hope this helps


Camille Sisk - October 17

I did b___stfeed with my son. It was a bit painful in the begining. The reward is worth any pain you may suffer. The pain does not last long and you also have to make sure they attach properly. I b___stfed my son for exactly one year. It is amazing the bond that you and your child will have during this time. I was a bit afraid too for other reasons than the pain. I beleive age was apart of that. I would not trade that experience for anything. I am pregnant again and will definately b___stfeed again. Good luck and do what feels right to you.


C. - October 17

I b___stfed all my babies, and luckily it was easy. If you have someone to show you how the baby needs to latch on properly, that would be good. Basically, it needs to get ahold of the whole areola, its mouth should not just be around the nipple, or you will get sore. Once you and baby have practised a bit, it's really easy. For some it's easy right away, for others they need some help. Breastfeeding shouldn't hurt badly, if it does, you need to seek help right away! It might hurt a little bit when you first b/feed, because your nipples aren't used to it yet but that changes in no time. I actually slept really well that way, because I didn't have to wake in the night, put on the lights, go into the kitchen, heat up a bottle, go back to bedroom, - milk was at the ready. I just lifted the baby out of the crib (it was next to my bed), latched it straight on, and kind of dozed while it fed. After a few times, you don't even need to put on any lights. Dh slept really well..Also you have milk with you whereever you go, and whatever you do. No heating, no fuss, no big bag to carry around with powder and bottles. And no sterilizing ever..Just bring your b___sts...


KFish - October 17

It is not painful if the baby is latched on properly. As for not getting any sleep. If you feed on demand, you will not get any sleep. I put my baby on a 4 hour schedule. It allowed me at least 2-3 hours a sleep between feedings at night. The Hospital actually helped. The gave him to me every 3 hours for feeding. You just have to make sure she/he gets enough milk. I fed my son 15 minutes on each b___st. I then pumped my b___sts dry to stimulate more milk and gave him a couple of more ounces afterwards, if needed. I stored the rest. (my baby was a premie and the hospital recommended this) The only time it got painful was when is teeth came in and he started bitting


Sara - October 18

it is the most beautiful thing and much easier then bottle feeding no rushing around late to heat up bottles less noise to the household and bonding is amazing and i do not believe when someone says I couldnt cause everyone can unless it medical reasons but when I here it didnt work for me its crock you gave up to easy and when I hear not enough milk you pump to get it going and most of all you feed baby when baby is hungy never go by the hr feeding unless you want an unhappy hungry baby good luck I nursed my daughter till she was 2 years old and she is loving and calm and quiet at 15 years now she has her head toghether so differnt from the other 15 year olds


m - October 18

Maggie I was in the same boat as you, i did not b___stfeed my 1st but I wanted to try it with my second, ( i am now preg with 3rd) I will be honest with you the first few days were a little stressful because I didnt' know how to properly lache the baby on, but after i learned it was so so much easier then bottlefeeding, just think it is of course better for your baby and at night time when your tired you don't have to get up to fix and warm a bottle, and when you go places you never have to worry about bottles, it is so much easier then bottlefeeding!!! I am b___stfeeding this one too...Just stick with it you'll see how much easier it is the benefits out way the bottlefeeding...


Maggie - October 18

Thankyou so much ladies! I definately think I'm going to try. Anyone know a good website I can go to for more info?


Mandi - October 18

I am pregnant with my first and plan to b___stfeed. However, I also have plans to return to work after the six weeks or so of leave. I was wondering how one goes about storing milk after pumping, as well as pumping at work. Foturnately, I have an office at work where I can simply shut the door to pump during the day....but then what do I do with the milk. Can it be frozen? If so, for how long. My bf said he would be able to help with nighttime feedings, but obviously I need to find an efficient storage method for this to work. I want to b___stfeed, but I also want him to have a part in feeding the child if I need to rest. Thank you in advance for all of your help.


nic nac - October 18

i have the same question as mandi. i will be taking 8 weeks and plan on b___stfeeding and pumping. where do you store the milk? can you switch b/t the b___st and the bottle regularly?


nic nac - October 18

also, do you have to sterelize the milk you pumped before feeding the baby?


nika - October 18

the b___stfeeding forum has lots of expereinced ladies advice too


KFish - October 18

nic nac and Mandi- I brought a cooler to work and I stored my milk in the baby bottles that I would give to the daycare the next day. In the evening I would brestfeed and in the morning I would b___stfeed. It was a smooth transition for my son. nic nac- I would boil the bottles but there is no need to sterilize the milk.


Reni - October 19

Maggie, you can go to for some really good info and support. I b___st fed my daughter and although it was very difficult getting started (latching on, etc.), I was bound and determined and didn't give up. It truly was a wonderful experience for both of us. I'm 19 weeks pregnant and plan to b___st feed this one too! The benefits to both mom and baby far outweigh anything else. All the best to you!!!


Natalie - October 19

b___stfeeding shouldnt really hurt. the main reson it does hurt and you get cracked sore nipples, is if the baby isnt positioned quite right on the b___st. if this happens, just ask your health care provider about help with b___stfeeding. not only does b___st feeding help prevent b___st cancer, its what your b___sts were made for, it uses an extra 500 calories a day which is great if you want to loose the baby fat, your baby is less likely to suffer from colic, is far less likely to suffer a cot death, doesnt get colds and flus and sickness which would keep you up all night because your pumping your baby with immunity, is known to settle better, wont get constipation as easily, you will have such a special bond with that baby due to b___stfeeding, plus in some women it apparently keeps your b___bs pert. im definately b___st feeding mine! not to mention the fact that you dont have to make your screaming baby wait whilst you sterilize and heat up bottles. your baby starts screaming, it may wake the entire family, but in seconds you could be feeding it and stop it from waking up everyone and from screaming. plus sleeping wise, even if you bottle feed you still wake up in the night! but doing it this way you cut out all the heating and stuff! hope ive helped!


nic nac - October 19

thank you Kfish


to Natalie - October 19

What is cot death?



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