Today S The BIG DAY

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Stacy B - June 19

Greetings, I'm on the site daily and occasionally ad a comment or question...Well today is the big day for me and dh to find out what we're having! I think it's a boy because of all the dreams I've had and dh thinks it's a girl. I am hoping for a girl, however I'll be greatful for either. I'm just thankful to be pregnant and that things are going well. I'll keep (those who are interested) updated...My blessings to you all!!!


andrea2 - June 20

Hi Stacy B, So what are you having????


HannahBaby - June 20

Good Luck!!


Stacy B - June 20

Hello, I'm having a boy like I thought! Everyone says I seem upset. I'm not upset about having a boy it's just that boy clothes and bedding etc. aren't as cute as girls. I like more of the comtemporary look. Do either of you have a boy or expecting one?


HannahBaby - June 20

Im expecting a boy as well. I know how you feel about being happy about having a boy, but being kinda disappointed about the clothes and bedding. I have a 17 month old daughter and i tell you, i having a little girl is just the best thing in the world. Im starting to pick up a few outfits here and there for my little man, and now that im getting used to the fact that im having a boy, the clothes are starting to appeal to me. Girls are just so much easier to dress than boys. Like today my daughter just has a cute little sundress on, with a boy you have to have the shorts and the tank top and the cute little b___ton up shirt. I was always very like 'ew" to boys clothes but i have found a few things that i like. Dont worry once it sinks in that you are going to have a cute little baby boy in a few months all the blue and trucks and trains will start to be more appealing. Is your husband happy its a boy?? Mine almost did a back flip in the office!!


San_dee - June 20

Dont worry, i think that happens to all of us. I have an 18month son, and i just adore little boy clothes, the dress shirts, and overalls and so many more. I look at the girls section and just think eww pink and frilly, dont know what we are expecting yet and probably wont know until im 23 wks at my next scan!!! Did i mention those little sleeveless singlets.. te he he


andrea2 - June 21

I have two girls. Won't know what I'm having until the 30th of this month. This pregnancy is soooo different from my previos two so I thought maybe I'm having a boy. But I had one dream it was a girl. I want a boy but I'm sure I'll be fine if it is a girl.


meganm - June 21

How exciting! I think it's a boy! I have my big day on Friday. I don't want to know what I'm having but hubby does.


Stacy B - June 21

Last night I bought a really cute outfit, but that's one out of millions...I don't have a choice, but to get over it. I know I'll love him the same, but I feel a little bad that I'm reacting this way. My mood has changed completely and it's all over some stupid!! Oh and yes my crazy husband is thrilled. He came out of that office cheezing!!! And me and my mom were just like whatever. I know once he's here I'll be so happy. I need to find me a better job because boys are way too expensive :) One good thing though...I do think it's better to have a boy first because he can protect the siblings that come later!!


MM - June 22

I had my ultrasound yesterday & baby had its legs crossed! So we don't know if it's a boy or girl. But tech couldn't get pictures of the spine because of the way baby was sleeping so I get to have another one on July 4th. I'm really curious & can't wait to find out!


Stacy B - June 23

MM, what do you want? My baby was moving around a lot and he wouldn't open his legs at first, but the tech was patient captured!


meganm - June 23

We had the ultrasound today and It's a BOY! The first shot of him was right between the legs, so even if we didn't want to know it would have been unavoidable. Very excited! He was jumping all over the place, maybe it was from the sugar in the OJ. :)


andrea2 - June 23

That's a lot of boys so far. I hope there was one left for me! When is everyone's due date?? Mine is November 15th but having a scheduled c-section November 8th.


Tiffany814 - June 23

andrea2- if you don't mind me asking, whats the reason you need a c-section? I'm due December 24th! My hubby and I are sooo excited, but we're staying strong and not going to find out the s_x! The more I think about it, the harder I think it will be when it comes time for my 20 week ultrasound! best of luck!


andrea2 - June 23

I had a c-section with my second child. My doctor does not do vbacs. My second child was 9lbs 8oz and they told me her shoulders could be to wide to fit through the birth ca___l. My first was 8lbs 3oz. I think I could have done it. Who knows!


jnine29 - June 26

i'am having a boy and girl, i all ready have a boy who is 2.5 years old



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