Told Seen Quot BOY Quot But Had Girl

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lisa - June 17

Has anyone been told (and have seen what was supposed to be the p__s) that they were having a boy per ultrasound but ended up having a girl?


To Lisa - June 17

I have heard of the reverse happening. Did you find out if you are having a girl or boy? I don't think I want to find out-I can this week at my 20 week u/s but I am also afraid if they did tell me and it turned out to be wrong!


rae - June 17

I have heard of that happen so I had a second us done and they both said boy. My first two I was told I was having a girl and they both were girls.


Sindel - June 18

One of my friends was told she was having a boy.. her 4th child.. and the baby ended up being a girl. She was rather shocked to say the least when the doctors told her it was a girl!


K - June 20



melanie - June 20

I have heard that! It happened to 2 of my friends. They both had way early u/s though. I just had an u/s at 16 weeks and they said boy. I thought 4 sure girl!! When did you have your u/s?


L - June 21



melanie - June 21

LISA- did this happen to you?? When was your u/s


kimj - June 21

i go for my us in the morning... i hope they can tell and all is great! GL ladies


lisa - June 21

It happened to my aunt...and when the baby came out, she couldn't focus on the baby because her husband fainted and fell on the floor. They had a daughter already and he really wanted a son since that was going to be their last since she was going to have her tubes tied for sure. I just don't want that to happen to me!


melanie - June 21

Lisa -ahh I couldn't imagine! I keep thinking maybe thats going to happen to me! I have 2 boys and am preg. with another boy, but I thought 4 sure this was a girl. I did see the p___s though-( i think lol) do u know how far your aunt was when she had the u/s saying boy? THANKS!


lisa - June 25

6 mos.


Meredith - June 25

I found out that I'm having a boy at 18 weeks. We clearly saw boy parts. The u/s technition even printed out a picture of the boy parts. Should I be worried that it's a girl. We've gotten so excited for a boy and are going be buying all "boy" stuff. I doubt my dr. will give me another u/s just to determine the s_x. How often does this happen?


melanie - June 26

MEREDITH- Hopefully u r safe if she pointed to the parts and all. I've had 2 boys already and they clearly showed boys. I hope cuz I'm getting ready for another boy too.


L - June 28



bump - June 29



Jessicca - June 29

Your scaring me!!!! I'm having a boy, and seen the ultrasound...I just bought my baby's nursery and it's all boy colors! Are you sure that's true?!



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