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ashley - February 22 here are some pics of me. First pic I was 14 weeks 3 days, the second I was 17 weeks exactly so 2.5 weeks growth. Can you see the difference? Just was curious how every one else compares to how I look. Am I big, small, about average for 17 weeks? I get comments all the time that I have "really popped out there." So just looking for feedback and comments, thanks. (by the way you might have to take out some dashes that are extra. There are not suppose to be any dashes in the web site address. Thanks


ashley - February 22

take the dash out between ash and ley it should be ashley not ash-ley


Hope - February 22

You look great! I would say you look right on track! Everyone gains differently so its hard to compare to anyone else..


ashley - February 22

Thanks Hope-You know how it is, every body ALWAYS has thier opinions. I feel big, but I don't always want it pointed out ha ha. I just want to hear it from other pregnant women.


Hydz26 - February 22

Wow, you look good! I sooo wish my belly looked liked yours! Bubla is hiding in mine! Im nearly 22 weeks and just a little smaller than you with my bulge, now Im worried about myself!


ashley - February 22

I wouldn't worry is this your first Hydz26? I was TINY my first time around six years ago. this is my second child. The funny thing is this is how I looked 7 months pregnant with my daughter, I just feel big.


Dia - February 22

Hi Ashley...I guess this isn't your first (b/c of the little girl in your pics?)? Actually, you are showing MUCH more than I am and I am 24 weeks. But this is my first baby, and I am definitely heavier than you :) So, I am sure all that makes a difference - but I think you look wonderful and super-cute pregnant!! Congrats!


Dia - February 22

Sorry - didn't see your post right above mine! It is your SIL hardly showed at all with her first, but had a belly twice the size of mine now (24 weeks) at 12 weeks with her second.


Hydz26 - February 22

Yes it's my first! :-D. Thats why I'm not totally woried! I was just having a laugh at myself! I wanna be bigger like most people that are as far along as me but I know that in due course I'll be wanting it to not be so big! lol!


Em - February 23

Hi Ashley, I think it is hard to compare like that...Everyone is just so different...I'm nearly 26 weeks, but I'm pretty small still..(Even with the bloating towards the evening) Mind, this is my first and I also had amazing abs before I got pregnant, and I still exercize them, so I suppose, they hold things in place, still...;) Who knows, maybe I'll 'pop' soon as well? Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! Do you know what you are having yet?


ashley - February 23

Em-I had very strong abs with my daughter as well, so stron that I didn't pop out until 7 months. I even was told by the doc how strong of ab muscles I had because I pushed my daughter out in one strong push. As you can see by the picture my daughter is not young, infact she just turned 6 (granted i had her when almost 22 and so I was 6 years younger than I am now.) But I have had six years to get back into shape. I use to live with a gal who was a personal trainer, and I took weight training cla__ses at the college. I was just took off gaurd at how fast I did start showing. I started taking pics around 6-7 weeks and my flat belly was history. Maybe no matter what you do or how long its been, your body just remembers being pregnant and thats that.


ashley - February 23

well I go for my OB appointment tomorrow and we'll see what the dr has to say about my size. Because I have doubled since the last time i've seen her, lol.


Solanyidr - February 23

girl that's nothing compared with how much i poped out in my 13th week it was ridiculous. You look so cute by the way and here are some pics of me so you can see how big!


AD - February 23

Solanyidr-how far along are you in that pic? 24 weeks. Is this your first? Have YOU had an U/S yet, he he. Good luck you have a cute belly too.


falafal0 - February 23

Hi Ashley, I'm currently 14 weeks and three days, and when you had your picture taken you look about the same size I am at the moment. This is my fourth baby, and I've usually been basiaclly flat at this stage, even with my last baby, so it's unusal for me. I have a feeling that this baby will be a big one, or maybe there's two?! DH wishes. Other prenancies you have, the muscles will be different and not so tight. I was wearing my normal jeans comfortably up until the 6th month with my first, now I'm in baggy pants and skirts with loose waists at 8 weeks...go figure. Each pregnancy is different, so enjoy having your baby bump...:-)


ashley - February 24

falafal0-So you were the same size as my 14.5 week or 17 week? I don't think I will have four kids. I feel so miserable with this one, lol. I feel like everything is already so squished up high in my stomach area. I feel out of breath and winded easy. I guess I was so spoiled when pregnant with DD. It was picture perfect. I like seeing pictures of pregnant woman, bellies are so cute. I go for my U/S today so we shall see what my ob says. I am seeing a different one there is about 5 in the practice and you rotate through. She is new to the practice though. I am hoping she will take me to the u/s room so we can take a peak.


Tanna - February 25

Ashley, are you sure you are not further along? Just wondering since you say you already feel squished and out of breath. Anyway, you are much bigger (but only in the belly) than I am or have been with any of my other babies in the 14 week photo, and I am of average ht. & wt.



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